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This company is actually a producer of something, so the only "patent troll" behavior they are displaying is the court they chose.The bigger problem is this court. When the entire world knows about this court, shouldn't we examine it's outlying behavior? Apple and Samsung should join together in this for having the trial moved to CA. They both have large presences in CA and it would be more convenient for them, plus closer for those traveling from Asia.
There are also Blackberrys. And Windows computers. Chances are, if Apple was paying? There would only be Apple products.
This is a great comment, with exception of the last line, which is a matter of opinion, and one not shared by everyone, as it clearly depends on your location. Technically, the app itself gets great reviews, from what I've seen, it is the data that some people find issue with.
Isn't this the exact approach they used for Google Music initially? There were rumors of what became iTunes Match. Then, all of a sudden Google had the exact offering they though Apple was going to release, have it away "free" at first, THEN asked the record companies permission?
Eighteen months left on my lease. Lately have been getting Honda Pilots, but looking at the Ford Explorer next time around. Looks like by the 2016 models I should be good and this feature will have had significant "tire kicking" by then.
Few things. 1. If you were watching her take the selfie above? She never stopped that long. Not sure an iPhone, or even the 41 megapixel Lumia, would have taken a better picture. 2. Samsung got exactly what they paid for. Millions of eyes on all it's new products. You might say they reached an over saturation point. It was beginning to get sickening. To the point I joked I was going to put some electrical tape over the Samsung name on my tv. 3. No one outside of tech blogs...
I give you all that. But what data are they really going to get? That I accessed a speed test on a given cell tower? That's all they get.
Isn't one of the chief complaints of iOS the lack of cross-app data sharing? Yet because the FCC name is on this, everyone is assuming they, somehow, got around Apples policies?The Jerry Fletcher types amuse me. Is our government a bunch of criminal geniuses? Or a bunch of ignorant buffoons? The same people tend to, beyond all logic, believe both.
Not storage space, like flash does on macs. How much bandwidth it will take.Look, I am not big on conspiracy, and iOS is sandboxed, and that is enough for me. I am sure that this app will be ripped apart far more completely be third parties/"hacktivists" than any other app.
New Posts  All Forums: