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I believe it is on by default. It is how I set up my new Apple TV out of the box.
A little late, but isn't the Bluetooth part just the handshake?
Hey, for the record, and unless they changed something (I couldn't find that they had) but this is not true. You need a physical kindle device to get this service.
Could be a way to test it in the field, so to speak.
Let's face it. An iPhone would look silly in Lebron's massive mitts.
This is an excellent post. Well thought out. This is what I could see happening. I will be really glad if these rumors hold true. Like I said, it is my most used Office app at work. I use it on the iPad. I created a Fluid app to the web app. I even stated earlier this week, on a thread about the Office 2014 for Mac being released that my decision to buy Office was based on this app finally coming to Mac and being a part of it. I have, for all intents and purposes, moved to...
I love the app. Have a Fluid app to the Web version.
This company is actually a producer of something, so the only "patent troll" behavior they are displaying is the court they chose.The bigger problem is this court. When the entire world knows about this court, shouldn't we examine it's outlying behavior? Apple and Samsung should join together in this for having the trial moved to CA. They both have large presences in CA and it would be more convenient for them, plus closer for those traveling from Asia.
There are also Blackberrys. And Windows computers. Chances are, if Apple was paying? There would only be Apple products.
This is a great comment, with exception of the last line, which is a matter of opinion, and one not shared by everyone, as it clearly depends on your location. Technically, the app itself gets great reviews, from what I've seen, it is the data that some people find issue with.
New Posts  All Forums: