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I actually think that is better than I would have expected for what amounts to a high priced accessory. I do think it was a "we will ship first" so we can't be accused of copying Apple product.
I would take this info with a grain of salt, considering that Apple has a distinct advantage over other case makers on when they can start production of cases for new body styles. No one was making 5C cases in advance of launch. And most 5 otterbox cases need to be revamped to account for the 5S/touch id.
Wait, isn't this good news for Apple? If their "market share" wasn't as good last year, then this year won't be as big if a drop off.
Chances are that the 1.8 M loss were users that didn't listen much anyway. The occasional users now just use iTunes Radio. Good point about the future gains. I would also like to see a breakout (you know Pandora has it) of this 1.8 M loss. Is it all or mostly iOS users? Is it across all platforms? Where geographically are these losses coming? Primarily the US? Would tell us more of the picture. I assume if they noticed an increase in iOS users, they would tout that. 
I've said it before, I'll say it again. It's a timing issue. Let's see what Q4 looks like when over, shall we?
I hope it is coming, but the solution is server side rules. That way we could have the same results no matter if Mail.app is open on my mac or not.I notice Mail that is "read" when it comes in. Very strange.
Fair enough
Well, considering q3-12 there was a 4 month old iPad, with virtually no one expecting a refresh anytime soon, combined with that "surprise" iPad 4 being nearly a year old this year, with everyone expecting a refresh? That may have a tad bit to do with it.
It depends on your needs, but Apple/iTunes already provides this survive. Purchasing seasons.
The "issues" I have seen started when I got the 5. But I hesitate to call it an Apple issue. I attribute it more to my thumbs.
New Posts  All Forums: