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I am not sure where people get their info sometimes. It is pulling the files right from iTunes. It is your iTunes in the iCloud file it is pulling. Just another wrapper for it that enables things like the bonus features.For example, I bought Frozen from iTunes yesterday. Before this app, I would have to watch "Get a Horse" in iTunes. Now I can (and did) launch this app, go to Frozen, and watch the bonus features, including Get a Horse. If you have a lot of Pixar movies,...
Ha! Same here.
I must be one of those "tiny few weirdos" that enjoys technology.This app goes beyond telcos, including DSL and cable and fiber providers, and with my limited usage of the app so far? It is pretty nice. In fact, the setup has a place to put a monthly cap in the amount of data it uses. And suggests 100 MB. Then gives you a warning any time you run it after that cap is hit.
For the record, it pulls the movies from your iTunes account. If you buy a movie through the app, you are buying it in iTunes. The free Incredibles? Shows up in iTunes/iCloud. Shows up on the iPad, Apple TV. Also, and I did this with the approximately 20 SD movies I got as digital copies with Disney Bluray purchases, you can go into iTunes purchases and download HD versions. All this is is a Disney only iTunes front end.
Hey, Apple patches the vulnerability, FCC releases an app. Hmmm.... But seriously, the app is pretty good.
I agree. Maybe a March Apple TV that supports iTunes Extras. Haven't seen it listed here, but wanted to provide some feedback. I had stopped buying Disney BDs because the Digital Copies were SD. Sadly (ok, not really, but a "oh, boo" thought), that meant no more Disney Movie Rewards. You just didn't get any with iTunes purchases. Well, this app has done the following.1. I bought Frozen in iTunes (pre-ordered) and it downloaded this morning, before I knew of this app.2....
Not arguing your points, but perhaps a small tip that can enhance your experience in the now. When reading an article say in safari? Double tap the article text. It will fill the screen. Easily done with one thumb. Or use the reader option.
Fact is, he could be right. Not that this is bad. The company has matured. Until there is evidence of something new, they will just be this predictably stable successful company. We put too much weight on what Wall Street says as a whole.
Optimized may be a poor choice of words. It is still using the iOS 6 keyboard, buttons, and too bar.
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