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That is what I mean. The only thing that makes sense with that price tag.
I hope so, too. Have two for the house I am building. Won't know what Google does with it in time to return them.I'm not even all that concerned with what data they collect. Just that the ruin the experience. Or, worse, get lazy in how they update. Claim "we can only do this in Andriod, not iOS, because of Apple rules" when the truth would be it would just require more effort to do so properly. Google isn't know for there amazing iOS apps.I hope not. I fear you are right....
I agree whole-heartedly that it is a problem. Articles like this, with these 140 character or less statements do nothing but cause problems.  Problem Statement: Many BODs of American Companies are comprised heavily of white men. There are little to no women or people of color. That is the problem. This calling out a company for not having enough diversity, that is just throwing a bomb and not caring about the outcome. Caring about the outcome requires doing some work....
     I am with the above. Call me naive, but I feel that all this focus on diversity does more harm than good. It is a "feel good" move to specifically hire someone based on color/gender.  By your comment, I am guessing you think specifically hiring based on color/gender is a good thing? May I ask why? I honestly don't know why anyone would think this way, but am open to learning/understanding why. Disclaimer: I am a white, English speaking, college educated, male. So I...
1. Check again or check settings or something. Mine seem to work and show up fine on my Mac and iPhone.2. Have you ejected your Time Machine Disk and rebooted and turned TM off and back on?3. Have you connected with a USB to try? or just WiFi sync?
Agreed. I was going to respond how are they the same and how is one mutually exclusive of the other? But, really, s/he/it likely never used each feature, and my saying how valuable I find each of them for different purposes, but you can't reason with some people.
Well, it does have a dynamic wallpaper....
Exactly. Which is why I always try to talk people (strangers, even) out of the "free" iPhone and opt for at least the $99 one
Ha. No. Told her to exchange it. Didn't want to spend the $100 more. Has finally come around to my line of thinking that $100 over 2 years is irrelevant. She will be getting a 6 when I do.
My wife got the 4S last year when the 5 dropped the 4S to $99. Wanted 16gb and thought the $99 would be 8gb, so picked it up the weekend before the 5 announcement at Target for $99. Then when my 5 came in she was like "how does this feel even better/lighter?"The 5 is truly an engineering feat.
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