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  Right. Honestly, for this purpose? I'll go Acer. or HP Plus, it isn't like we can avoid Samsung. Apple uses them, too.
Same here. Getting one for my daughter for Christmas. My older daughter had a midrange toshiba Win 7 laptop. Heavy and not much in the way if battery life. She hated it (at age 9 could see its shortcomings). Saved all her money and bought herself a MacBook Air. Now my younger daughter (who weighs all of 59 pounds) uses the win 7 brick. Like 20% of her weight. She just wants something for animal jam and club penguin, and uses her iPad/iPod touch for everything else....
Look at the main 4 carriers websites. How many (and what percentage of all available android phones does this represent?) android phones are less than 4.3"? Not many. But that is all about the "choice" android gives you.
The reason is to allow the app developers time to get there. Start using it now. Start taking advantage. By 2015, every iOS device sold will be 64-bit, most apps (of value) will be supporting it, and android will still be all over the place.Same with iOS 7. I think the new design language is to support various display sizes without degredation. Allow it to scale.I see the same copy/paste troubles on my 5 with iOS 7
I'm with you thinking the 6 will be bigger, but disagree that this article/research suggests Apple is behind the curve? Why did Samsung and HTC feel the need to reduce the specs in the mini versions of their flagship? Fear of canabalizing themselves. Something Apple is not afraid of.Next year I think the 5c becomes free on contract, 5s becomes 5sc with polycarbonate back at $99/$199, and the 6 is the new flagship.Remember, the polycarbonate backs are easier to manufacture,...
iOS 7 inspired app on the way, too?
So they will compete with themselves, and third party lisencees, and Roku, and Apple? Sure sounds like Android to me! Here is the thing. Why? Why not focus on Chrome? They must think that Android as a brand is desireable. I don't think that is the case to the extent they must think. Android is a "me too" product. The largest reason it is successful is that it is put on everything. The cheep, the $69 tablets. Mcdonalds is the most popular restaurant. Doesn't mean it is...
 Nice discussion of the 5s display. I wasn't talking about that, but an alternative to what Fox implemented using iPads and Apple TVs, along with custom built iPad apps that did not mirror the content on the iPad, but presented content on the new displays and alternate content/controls on the iPad. But thanks for the clarification on where each OS smartphone stands on display ppi.
 I agree. I was thinking 15th with pre-orders the 18th and in store the 25th.
Wow. Was expecting this announcemt today, but for the 15th.
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