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Have you tried programming your cable/satellite/TV remote? I've recently programmed my DirecTV remote and it works great.
Easy. They all know that Apple will continue, at least in the short term, to be a stock to own. The line about "if this holds, we will buy every share possible" should be enough. This "beating" they will take today (off about 8% as I write) is a form of (currently legal) manipulation.
Hey, if there is any appearance of impropriety, real or not, (and there certainly is), they should assign a new one, at minimum.Ha!!
     Thanks for the replies. Forgot about the keyboard. I have been planning for about a year to grab a second Apple TV. Keep putting it off, strangely, since it's so cheap. But I keep telling myself at this point that there is bound to be a new one, so may as well wait.  Correct. I trained my DirecTV remote to work with it. Made the mistake to use the volume buttons....  :D
I forget, does Apple TV 2 (first black one) have Bluetooth? I know it doesn't support the tap for settings.
I am just concerned with the future support. What happens to iOS support? I have to assume it continues, but you never know.The two aren't mutually exclusive. It can be a brilliant product and not worth $3.2 billion at the same time.
This is all needed at this point, right? This is the final step needed so that Apple can appeal, right? So a higher court can then (hopefully) say Cote overstepped and either correct that or throw it out, right?
Ah, the beauty of the US Justice system.Again, more potential evidence that it is all a "Hey, Apple has deep pockets, how do I get my "fair share"?"If I was Apple? I'd find customers who haven't complained and refund them some IAPs until they hit that amount. Avoid this fake "fund"
Yeah, I am with you. I am probably in the minority, here, but these hackers are, technically, criminals. They really want to help, they could do so more discretely. Hack in, contact the attacked with a well written email with some proof. But don't pastebin it out for the world to see.
That is what I mean. The only thing that makes sense with that price tag.
New Posts  All Forums: