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I have one ready to go. Anyone want to loan me their Kindle fire HDX?  MayDay: "Hi there, what can I help you with?"Me: "I'm having this issue with a kindle book"MayDay: "What book? I don't see what you are trying to do"Me: "Oh, is this only one way video? You can't see what I am doing?"MayDay: "No, I can only see what is on your screen"Me: "Oh. So you can't see the kindle app on my iPad Air?" HA!
Is there a list of supported sites, anywhere? Assuming CNN is going to take advantage.
  To those above, and all others claiming "SPAM, great" etc.1) You have to have Notification Center turned on on you Mac.2) You have to visit a website and Allow push notifications to be sent to you.3) You have control, more control, than is out there today4) Step off the ledge until you see it implemented. Also, it will be the same CNN, NYT, etc alerts you get on your iPhone if you choose to with those iPhone apps. This is just websites. You will not be able to get all...
Know what it's great for? I have a 64 gb one. Load it up with movies for the 2-3 round trip car trips we do each year (about 15 hours each way, each).Of course, I have since picked up a Seagate Wireless Pro (1 TB), but the original iPad keeps on ticking.
It has also been around longer than all other iPads combined.
Oh, you mean the one littered with iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc. and that one lonely Windows phone couple sitting in the back? Yeah, that annoys me because they show more of their competition than their product.Whew! Missed that. May have inadvertently thumbed up his post. Thanks for saving me from replying!
Right on, brotha! The other thing? Percentage alone does not tell the story.
Ditto (thanks for saving me some typing!)
This may be the year that between the iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch? We see a ton of choices, especially in the lower price points, from $199-$799 (excluding LTE iPads), and will give people wanting Apple products a choice in a variety of price points.   Here, let me play analyst for a minute...   The question becomes, what do the do with the current iPad mini. Assume the keep it. Do the drop it $50? $100? Dropping it $100 makes it the same price as the 16 GB iPod...
Which, because they had to give the SEC notice that they were revising their guidance up? We know it is not going to be.
New Posts  All Forums: