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It has also been around longer than all other iPads combined.
Oh, you mean the one littered with iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc. and that one lonely Windows phone couple sitting in the back? Yeah, that annoys me because they show more of their competition than their product.Whew! Missed that. May have inadvertently thumbed up his post. Thanks for saving me from replying!
Right on, brotha! The other thing? Percentage alone does not tell the story.
Ditto (thanks for saving me some typing!)
This may be the year that between the iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch? We see a ton of choices, especially in the lower price points, from $199-$799 (excluding LTE iPads), and will give people wanting Apple products a choice in a variety of price points.   Here, let me play analyst for a minute...   The question becomes, what do the do with the current iPad mini. Assume the keep it. Do the drop it $50? $100? Dropping it $100 makes it the same price as the 16 GB iPod...
Which, because they had to give the SEC notice that they were revising their guidance up? We know it is not going to be.
I use it for WebEx based conference calls when traveling on my Verizon iPhone.
Can you imagine a $279 iPad mini (first gen)? Or, dare I say $229? I say $279 because the 16 gb iPod touch is currently $229 It will be the step to choke out all but the cheapest of tablets, as the various iPod models did.
I would actually think they love it. Most carriers have gone to (and are pushing) their mobile share plans. These plans have unlimited calls and texts, but charge for data. This (along with FaceTime and iMessage) uses data. So it is a win for them.
Yes. google it. The answer to how you will like it. Good answer. /s I feel the same way. My wife wasn't too crazy about it at first, but is fine now; my cousin wasn't happy until I showed her a couple of things. Thing is, iOS 7 was not designed for current and even most recent releases of hardware. It was a preparation for next year. (IMHO of course) Well, this graph has the luxury of not having any numbers on it. I liked that part the best.
New Posts  All Forums: