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Nice! Will have to check eBay and see what it is going for.Also, this says 3rd gen on the amazon screen shot, so they just may not have any.
Want to pool together and gift her a dictionary app?
Blatant? Like her pre-trial comments that Apple was guilty shows "blatant" bias?
Originally Posted by starbird73Remember, they can build these 5c phones faster than the 5 or 5s.
Yes, it could indicate weak demand. It also could indicate efficient estimating or proper planning (yes, I appreciate alliteration), ensuring the channel is well stocked, they have the average on hand. Remember, they can build these 5c phones faster than the 5 or 5s.
 BINGO!  It is also easier to manufacture. That is the reason they went there. Think they would have been able to get 9 million in the hands of consumers in one weekend with the anodization? That was slow.  Who says they miscalculated? You? Notice these stories always come a week or so prior to their earnings report? And Tim says "don't take a report of one manufacturer and try and make connections" and Peter O can say "We order an amount up front to get pricing, and cut...
How would it benefit the US? Ireland can raise their rates and still be among the lowest, a rate that nets them more money but not so high it causes these companies to bolt. We are talking a lot of money here. Say 10% increase. A ten percent increase of millions/billions is far better than 34.5% of zero
Notice only politicians use the word "loophole"? You know, those same politicians that created the laws that people and companies legally follow?   It's just political speak for "We screwed up, but hell if we will take accountability for our actions"
So, I am guessing by 1 PM Eastern we should know if this 10/22 event is for real or not, no? Invites would need to go out today, if they follow their normal pattern.
Is it just me or does anyone else think it is odd that the iWork apps, iPhoto, and iMovie were not updated to take advantage of iOS 7? As well as Podcasts. Guessing they are coming on the 22nd?
New Posts  All Forums: