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The 4.7" sounds reasonable. The 5.5"+? Not sure I'd pick that one up.
I am confused by clear going free. Assuming the non published times are to prevent tons of people downloading for free (as I don't think they can limit who does her it free). Speaking of iOS 7 updates, when is the AI app going to support iOS 7?
Yes, 10.9.1. They are there, a bit faint, so could see wanting the contrast a bit better. Or maybe I am not thinking the same as you.
Haha. I made them save to get them, too. And wouldn't let them get the 8 GB 4th gen knowing it was (a) too small, and (b) about to be really obsolete. My 12 year old was so proud she saved for a MacBook Air herself, too. (Ok, she was close come Christmas, so I took her money and paid the rest and wrapped it up for her)
I don't know. Hearing a "POP" implies something broke. Repetitive stress fractures would not be easy to see.No, not blaming the 10/13 year old directly. She is the responsibility of her parents. Improper use (conditions that cause failure) is the cause, not "the battery wasn't built correctly"If I hand a 13 year old a BB gun and they shoot their 10 year old brother's eye out by standing three feet away from something, it ricochets off something, is it the gun manufacturers...
And it isn't even the sitting on it that causes the issue. It is the damage done when sitting. Every battery has a DO NOT PUNCTURE warning on it, for this very reason.
It isn't a case of it instantly catching fire. It is the break that causes the fire. That is trade off of our current battery technology. Aside from making every battery literally indestructible (not saying we shouldn't, just not sure the technology/trade offs are there yet), the end user has to take some responsibility and care of it.
 I agree. My palm pre got hot all the time. Would have to take the battery out until it cooled. My Microsoft Bluetooth mouse at work, with Lithium Ion batteries, fell to the floor once. Five minutes later, it, too, was getting warm/hot to touch. So it isn't even just phones, it is anything with Lithium Ion (and I suspect, other types of) batteries.  Well, you aren't supposed to put batteries in the trash in the past few states I have lived in. They are supposed to be...
My first thought was cracked screen. But doesn't look like it. My palm Prē always made my pocket hot. Though I would just pop the battery out for a bit when it did.
I see them when I am in month view. Odd.I am hoping the battery issues get fixed. My battery seems to last ok, but the indicator is all wonky and inconsistent.
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