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 I am guessing the remote will assist with games, and the App Store will allow for games, as well as streaming, possibly even browsers?
I have every digital picture I've ever taken across all my devices with no issues. iCloud Photo Library works great for me.
Ok, I can see and concede your point, but I am assuming that you are a very small portion of the population for that example.That said, my point isn't that the company doesn't collect it. My issue is that AI should not be saying anything about it in the first place, much less touting it as "that's an additional $200-whatever in potential savings!" Because it is NOT a real savings for most people by the letter of the law.
Actual text from the above site on Oregon.For the record, I live in NH, so also pay no sales tax. However, that does not mean folks in the other 43 states that sales tax isn't collected, nor do they live in a no sales tax state, that they do not have to pay a sales or use tax. Plus, my original post statement still stands:
That is wrong. 50 State Guide to Internet Sales Tax For example, Massachusetts. It does not require a site without a presence in MA to collect the tax. However, that does not absolve a resident of MA from the responsibility of paying said tax. The Customer’s ResponsibilityIn cases where the online retailer does not have to collect sales tax, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay the tax—in which case it is known not as a sales tax but, rather, a “use tax.” The section...
 While Adorama may not collect the sales tax on your purchase, if you bought this item at a store in your state and would have to pay sales tax, you do actually owe your state the sales tax.
Not to get to political, but I love Apple products, and not a fan of the current iteration of the Affordable Care Act, but WHAT??!!? I don't see how the two do any of the same things.
100% agree. This fact is why a la carte TV will not be a cheaper alternative that everyone assumes it should be.
I have used it successfully at the following: * Whole Foods - every other week since it launched * Home Depot - Not an officially supported place, but it worked in the windows & door area and self checkout. Used a few times * Sports Authority - a few of times * Walgreens - frequently * Panera Bread - a few times * American Eagle   I also use it in the Groupon App every time. And it is cake there.   There was one store, JC Penney, I think, that it said Done but...
ah, yes. The infamous AI sponsor + tax evasion tactic. I enjoy many things about AI, but this tax evasion encouragement is my biggest issue. Note to all readers: FACT: Just because a site doesn't collect sales tax on a purchase you make, does not mean you are not required to pay said sales tax. You are still responsible for paying said tax. Remember, AI is not a Tax Advisor, and should not be making any suggestions or comments regarding your personal tax situation, nor...
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