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1. Ignorance is not an excuse.2. True. But Apple never told you to buy from someone else. Go after Real for the price of the CD, not Apple.3. This argument is invalid. It covers a specific time frame, in the United States, where it was legal at that time.4. Actually, Apple did. So, again, not their problem.If Apple was contractually obligated to patch holes, they did nothing wrong. These hacks, like jailbreaking, exploit a vulnerability that Apple is obligated to fix.
 How do other countries handle this type of case? I would love for the losers to have to pay. I know the original intent in not having losers pay was to prevent people from being afraid to sue, but when you trust people to do the right thing, inevitably, it gets abused and we all lose out.Here is the thing. A car engine pings because of the use cheap gas, do people complain to the gas station or Honda? Honda. Even though one chose to use cheap gas. Buying a song on a third...
Does anyone else find this opinion laughable?So the music industry hated/feared Apple's DRM locking people into Apple products so much that they dropped DRM? Because the alternative being that a customer buys "99 lift ballons" from iTunes, then decides to get a Zune, but because that person bought that Neña song in iTunes and can't figure out how to burn it to a CD and rip it into Zune/Windows Media Player, and would be {GASP!} forced to buy it from the Zune store? And the...
 I love that this case has been spinning for YEARS and this is all they have to show for it.
As someone who had kids in a school with one to one iPad program, I can believe this. I could even accept it, IF the school districts took the savings and applied it to the implementation and upkeep of the technology. The problem is, they won't. What happens is these school districts do not go all in, and provide the needed resource to keep these programs running and working efficiently. They dump the upkeep, implementation, etc on existing teachers, provide minimal...
Glad I am not the only one to think Apple is being fair about all this.
 So, does the $20 off, plus the gift card, apply to all sizes (64 GB for instance)? And does it reduce the monthly payment (all be it a whole $1 a month) on the Next/Edge plans?
I really can't wait until this type of announcement is not needed, because it would just result in a "so?" response.   Sadly, with regards to this and race, we have a loooooong way to go.    Oh, and Andrew Luck should speak out about this tool using his image as his avatar and saying stuff that may or may not reflect how he feels.
 This network order issue I have as well. One of my neighbors (and our houses are all on 1 acre, so not sure why it is such an issue) has a linksys open network. Always end up on that, and it is slow. Anytime I notice anything taking a while, I look, and yup, linksys. I've deleted it but it always reappears.  I am with you. 1. MacBook Pro Retina late 20132. iPhone 6 (though I do experience drops of WiFi here and end up on cellular frequently, and am on the line for Verizon...
Well, about as bad as you would imagine. Some of the tamer ones referenced the bible. I won't get into it here. I despise intolerance of any kind.Yes, even when it has to do with Samsung.
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