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 I love that this case has been spinning for YEARS and this is all they have to show for it.
As someone who had kids in a school with one to one iPad program, I can believe this. I could even accept it, IF the school districts took the savings and applied it to the implementation and upkeep of the technology. The problem is, they won't. What happens is these school districts do not go all in, and provide the needed resource to keep these programs running and working efficiently. They dump the upkeep, implementation, etc on existing teachers, provide minimal...
Glad I am not the only one to think Apple is being fair about all this.
 So, does the $20 off, plus the gift card, apply to all sizes (64 GB for instance)? And does it reduce the monthly payment (all be it a whole $1 a month) on the Next/Edge plans?
I really can't wait until this type of announcement is not needed, because it would just result in a "so?" response.   Sadly, with regards to this and race, we have a loooooong way to go.    Oh, and Andrew Luck should speak out about this tool using his image as his avatar and saying stuff that may or may not reflect how he feels.
 This network order issue I have as well. One of my neighbors (and our houses are all on 1 acre, so not sure why it is such an issue) has a linksys open network. Always end up on that, and it is slow. Anytime I notice anything taking a while, I look, and yup, linksys. I've deleted it but it always reappears.  I am with you. 1. MacBook Pro Retina late 20132. iPhone 6 (though I do experience drops of WiFi here and end up on cellular frequently, and am on the line for Verizon...
Well, about as bad as you would imagine. Some of the tamer ones referenced the bible. I won't get into it here. I despise intolerance of any kind.Yes, even when it has to do with Samsung.
Not a Fox News defender, but you can't blame the comments of users on the company. Plus, you said commentators, implying those that work for the channel. But those comments disgust me.
Can't wait for the day!   Of course, we will then be hit with a week+ worth of ACX (a group of auto retailers) suddenly shutting off support the day after, saying they have a new system coming in the next 9 months or so...   ;)
 Fox News may have a right wing bias, but I doubt seriously anything close to what you describe will happen. Not sure why you felt the need to go there. What news source do you prefer? MSNBC with their clearly (perhaps even more obvious than Fox on the right) left wing reporting?  We need both, since we don't truly have an unbiased news channel out there anymore. OOPS! Looks like you are wrong. Pretty "just the facts" article. Link to Fox News article on his...
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