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I don't think the iPhone 6/6Plus had much to do with it. It came out with only 11 days left in the quarter.Well, Google is "winning" because to them, market share actually means something in terms of revenue. The OEMs, however, need to rely on hardware for revenue.Thumbs up for that reference. Wonder how many here got it?You know what else cannot end overnight? The sound of those horns in my head. I have a feeling it will take a while for me to get them out of my head (a...
 It also feeds my theory. Maybe makes it official.  "It's Apple's fault" is the new "It's George Bush's fault"
 Valid points. My issue isn't with individual companies collecting data about my purchases (order online, they have it all, anyway. Use a "loyalty card" the same is true), it is this new "shared" data pool. I don't want to (clumsy example, but illustrates the point) buy a TV at Best Buy, and be hit with alerts when I walk into CVS that they have a sale on batteries for the remote for my new TV. CurrentC is akin to browsing online for a treadmill, then going to Facebook and...
   Yeah, something doesn't add up here. Apple, as you said woody, continues to say they want to see what happens, wants to try and preserve the jobs, isn't asking for interest, etc. GTAT continues to try and paint Apple as the Evil Empire. I tell you what. If I "knew I'd win" then I wouldn't be settling. 
 Well, as I understand it, and I could be wrong, but come October 2015, aren't there changes that are coming that will shift some of the liability to the retailers if they don't support the new types of cards? And aren't the cards using tap to pay? I could be mixing parts of one story with parts of others.
Don't pay cash. Force them to pay the fee. I think, and I could be mistaken, but come October 2015, they will be responsible for fraud issues. Stick it to em!
 True, not to mention it isn't like these judges at this level are brand new judges, which tend to be lawyers first, so you figure they are in their 40's at a minimum, and likely 50s and 60s. So they grew up in a world that wasn't so technology dependent. A TV was a TV. That was it. Etc. (also, not saying 40s is old, or out of touch, just that you are likely in your 40s before you become a judge, then have to move up to this level)  Ask for everything so when you come back...
All this story, plus the "Finland's PM blames Apple" mindset (which I don't think he was specifically doing) are making me think that "It's all Apple's fault" is the new "It's all Bush's fault"
Well, it is Wednesday. And Monday is a holiday, so the Wednesday event makes sense so people don't have to travel on the holiday.The only other event on a Wednesday is when 9/11 fell on a Tuesday
iOS 8.0.1 disabled cellular connectivity and Touch ID drivers for many usersFixed that minor point for ya.
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