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I agree it is not as in your face, but hardly hidden.
Glad I could help. I am all about helping the mis-information vanish.One note. If you don't wait 12 months and 100% paid for, you can't keep the phone. I think at 12 months if paid off, and definitely at 20 months, the phone is yours to do with as you please
Ah, didn't know that. Verizon's is unlocked (well the 5 and 5S were, i assume the 6 will be)
How so? I have, much like a mortgage provides you, a complete amortization schedule. Shows month one being at $37.68, and then month's 2-20 at $37.49. In other words, $749.99. In months 21-24, my bill will drop $37.49. And, as I stated, instead of $40/month for 24 months on contract (and paying $299 for the iPhone), I am paying $15/month. I did the math. Doing it the Verizon Edge way will save me $150 over the course of 24 months (assuming I stick to my plan and keep this...
 Can't speak to AT&T (I have Verizon) but how is it not a great option? I will be paying 20 installments of $37.49 on Verizon Edge for a 64 GB iPhone 6. In 20 months, when it is paid off, it is mine. My wife, if she makes the next 2 years with my 5 (she is taking my 5 and we will be adding a line on her 4S for my daughter), she will get my 6, and I will get a 7.
 Except that, like pmz states, you're not paying the same...   You are 100% correct. Verizon is $10/month less on plans of 8 GB or less, $25/month less on plans of 10 GB or more...  TOTALLY not the same thing... Facts are important, people! Feel free to rant and rave all you want, but the facts are so incredibly easy for you to find on the very device you are using to complain.
 No, we just didn't want the available larger phones... ;) Well, that is just complete rubbish, and inaccurate rubbish at that... At 3 AM EST, I was able to preorder, through Verizon, an off contract iPhone 6. I, however, chose to go to the edge plan. But I don't expect you to take my word for it, so, here is a screenshot. I know, nasty little facts spoiling your conspiracy theory.(I will admit it does not initially come up, but there is pretty clear text available, and...
Discover says it's "In Talks" to join.  But looks like they are going on 2 years to "join" PayPal..  http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/10/discover-in-talks-to-join-apple-pay-swift-goes-gm-at-version-10
 Yeah, I have average (6 foot tall male) size hands. This it my iPhone 6 Plus cutout in my hand versus the iPhone 6 I still go back and forth, but not getting whiplash from changing my mind any more, so think it's starting to settle in. Black, 64 GB, iPhone 6.
Thanks! I did a make shift of the same last night. The Plus has some features I'm interested in, but the size? Too big for me. I am still struggling, but thinking the iPhone 6 for me this time.   As a side note, my wife decided that for now, she'd just take my 5 (coming from a 4S). So we are moving to the Verizon Edge plan. Worst case I get the 6 now, and if I decide the 6 Plus is the way to go, I can easily get the 6S Plus next year and give her the 6.   And the...
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