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 I would love to believe this, I really would. But that sounds so dramatic, that it could be a discarded script from Hollywood... HA! It is "payback" for Google making more money on iOS users than on Android...
And I am on the non S cycle. Hmm...I've used Apple licensed car chargers since they came out in several cars for lots of hours and miles and never had a problem. Some "save $ sites' offer cheaper and have a few buds who bought there and had bad times. Pay your money or take your chances.[/quote]I am talking built into our Honda's. Not something plugged into the lighter.
 Not always a case of a cheap power brick... Exactly. And it isn't just something that you can choose.I have always only used Apple cables on my iPhone 5. Only have. But my cars have a USB port built in. No real way around that.  And why is it not an issue for iPod touch users? They don't come with a power brick.
Chances are they wouldn't release this if the answer was "slow as $#!t"
Now that the obligatory "Facebook? Quit that long ago" and "People still use Facebook?" Posts are out of the way, anyone see this in the app? 11.0 came out a while ago, maybe a week, and I haven't seen it yet.
HA! Actually got it to work. signed out and back in to the site on my Mac. fiddled with some links on the Amazon Music web page, then deleted the app from my iPhone, redownloaded, signed out, back in, refreshed, and finally got there.
Anyone get this to work yet? I sign in and see nothing. Just a message telling me to he to the website and sign up. All other prone services work fine
Does the Nest have geofencing at the moment? I didn't think so (could be wrong, and am sure they will).
Glad these are announced. I close on my new house in a month. May just wait for the DIY option. Love the geofencing option.
I agree. It is basically the following philosophy. Android: You can do {insert function here} from the get go. Figure out how you want to do it.iOS: No, you can't do {insert function here}. [Year later] No, still can't do that. [Another year later] Ok, here it is, and here is how it will be implemented.
New Posts  All Forums: