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  Yes, we know. Thank you for having them "first" You are aware that the current smartphone os market is at a certain level of maturity, right? Meaning what A has that B, i and W don't, B, i and W will put their spin on. Same for what i has that A, B, and W don't. You've also checked the calendar, right? It isn't 2007 anymore. It's 2014. I don't care who had it first. I choose based on who does it best for me.
Here is what I would like to see happen. iTunes Match stays as it is for $25/year. But pay $100/year? You get beats streaming + iTunes Match.
My primary machine is a 2008 iMac. Just picked up the MBPr. This will be our primary daily use machine, while the iMac remains as our iTunes server, iPhoto/Apeture machine. Will replace this one in a couple years with a new iMac. Thinking that swapping out to an SSD might extend the life even more.
I have a MBPr with 4GB and it is plenty fast. Granted, I would like more, but 4 is likely plenty fast for most people. Most people on AI? No. Most people in the population? Yes. The fact that there is no lag in accessing data is the biggest key. The SSD helps that.
That's the point. They have had patent issues since 2011, IIRC. And sometime last year they made a change and that is when the reliability took a hit.
Not really relevant or anything. But I am with you. Of course, there are also reasons why they haven't. Nothing that they have officially stated, but guessing this has something to do with it.http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/01/14/virnetx-heads-back-to-court-adds-latest-apple-products-to-facetime-patent-lawsuit
I got quite the chuckle out if the "PRE-ORDER the Galaxy S5 now for $199.99, and Buy One, Get One Free!" ads that Verizon had going on every commercial break.
I'm still a bit confused as to who approached who. I have a feeling, if Google truly has this "indemnification" clause with its licensees, that they directed this whole show so that they would not appear to be directly involved, and would not appear to be attacking Applr themselves and could play ignorant.
Exactly. The headline incites disgust, but the article suggests SJs passing was mentioned as a footnote.
"Samsung's final witness for the day was Daniel Wigdor, a computer science professor from the University of Toronto. Wigdor offered testimony on Apple's '172 patent covering predictive text entry by saying a number of other tech firms developed "autocorrect" features before the patent was filed." Predictive text ≠ "autocorrect" and this witness knows it. Yet he said something technically true, yet unrelated, in an effort to persuade the, likely, not as technically savvy...
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