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I hope it is coming, but the solution is server side rules. That way we could have the same results no matter if Mail.app is open on my mac or not.I notice Mail that is "read" when it comes in. Very strange.
Fair enough
Well, considering q3-12 there was a 4 month old iPad, with virtually no one expecting a refresh anytime soon, combined with that "surprise" iPad 4 being nearly a year old this year, with everyone expecting a refresh? That may have a tad bit to do with it.
It depends on your needs, but Apple/iTunes already provides this survive. Purchasing seasons.
The "issues" I have seen started when I got the 5. But I hesitate to call it an Apple issue. I attribute it more to my thumbs.
Forgive me if I missed someone else say this. Could this be due to the software for dealing with accidental/stray touches on the edges? That the robot isn't subtle enough? Just spitballing. Plus, the S3 image is a perfect frame. The iPhone looks alive.
Have to say, I have experienced this on occasion. Thought it was an adjustment to getting used to the 4" screen, bit still persists a year later. The biggest issue is m and the 🔙 key. M's end up missing an awful lot.
Not a typo. Enterprises, especially larger ones, don't jump on OS upgrades in the early days. My company (100K+ Employees) has been upgrading all our desktop and laptops to Win 7 this year, by year end is the target. I anticipate that is what is happening. We shall see what 2014 looks like.
Actually, Microsoft now has the Home Use Program with many partner companies - Office Pro for $9.95 - to combat piracy. So isn't that "giving it away" too?Don't forget Starling City! (Arrow) but, again, a fictional city that, while no dome, has a giant crater in the middle of it.And the NFL. Tons of banners over all the stadiums. Though, the pregame shows, they look more like props to the guys paper notes and the screen under the desk.
A lot of people, including me, remembered it that way. Maybe some sites reported it that way. But I think they actually say something to the effect of "just like on your iOS device"Granted, apps like reminders, mail, calendar, messages, plus Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr (which have account tie-ins to the OS) act a lot more like iOS.
New Posts  All Forums: