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Exactly. The headline incites disgust, but the article suggests SJs passing was mentioned as a footnote.
"Samsung's final witness for the day was Daniel Wigdor, a computer science professor from the University of Toronto. Wigdor offered testimony on Apple's '172 patent covering predictive text entry by saying a number of other tech firms developed "autocorrect" features before the patent was filed." Predictive text ≠ "autocorrect" and this witness knows it. Yet he said something technically true, yet unrelated, in an effort to persuade the, likely, not as technically savvy...
"We liked to have our own identity, we liked to have our own ideas," Lockheimer said. "We were very passionate about what we were doing, and it was important that we have our own ideas." Meaning BlackBerry/Windows in 2006, and iOS in 2007? Great "identity"
Enjoy what you go to. Plenty of good options out there.
Can't wait for the inevitable summer articles, between WWDC and September when everyone who will upgrade to iOS 7 has, and we hear how Apple is doomed because iOS 7 adoption isn't growing as fast as KitKat is.Oh, wait. It already started.
Just preordered on iBooks... Looks like a good read.
This is all new from the ground up. If anything, I anticipate Office for Mac 2014 will pull heavily from these apps.
Well, the thing is that you have to take all the sales from word, plus all the sales from excel, then all from PowerPoint. This only gets you how many are done via the iPad apps. Then, anyone who already paid via other means, like myself. Don't forget, the university version is $80 for four years but you have to BYOSubscription, and can't be done in the app.
That is my biggest beef with the amazon comparison chart. They list Games as NONE. They should list it as NATIVE games. Additionally, said comparison chart lists HBOgo as the only no for FireTV. I assume that is coming. Interestingly enough (/s) they don't mention iTunes content....
New Posts  All Forums: