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That is my biggest beef with the amazon comparison chart. They list Games as NONE. They should list it as NATIVE games. Additionally, said comparison chart lists HBOgo as the only no for FireTV. I assume that is coming. Interestingly enough (/s) they don't mention iTunes content....
sorry, more to the point, Apple doesn't compete in the low end. Without a problem or not remains to be seen. But counting those android numbers there does have an impact
Number out the door does not equal profitability. Nuff said.
So a YouTube competitor? Or am I missing something? If it is more akin to Prime, then I assume it is free with purchase of their device for Prime Members, like the kindle lending library requires Prime + a kindle device.
Bingo. Plus they want this phone to not be considered "new" come 5 April. So they are doing their own thing. Samsung shouldn't be puzzled, and if you ask me, will benefit from this. Had they all waited? They wouldn't have been able to sell these new phones when launched in their home country.
That is what I want to see happen. Start with Comcast (like AT&T with the iPhone) and then expand to others. Help the cable cos transition to their next, inevitable phase, but offer TV packages that they can monetize. (This would be their more lucrative data plans in the smartphone example). This would allow true competition. Sounds a lot more like 'cracking TV' than slapping a  on a TV.But I am also in need of something to hold my jaw up. This analyst makes way too much...
I think the biggest point? Growth in both iOS and android is likely to be near the plateau. Lines are drawn. Simply, most people are eithe Android OR iOS at this point. So this is just an extension of the ecosystem.
I am sure it will require a subscription. Not sure what I will do. I love iWork and iCloud sync. The only reason I would consider it is the fact I can get 4 years if it for $80 with a .edu email.
This actually makes some sense, and is about the same time that last year they dropped the $199 iPod touch 4th gen and brought out the $229 rear camera-less iPod touch 5th gen. As some (myself included) speculated at the time, that pointed to the 4th gen being removed in time for WWDC, and allowed Apple to continue to provide every currently sold iOS device the iOS 7 upgrade. If this is true, then something similar could be happening, with iOS 8 being exclusive to...
No, they don't contradict anything. Jobs told Issacson that he "cracked" it or what have you. The world interpreted that as a physical set. Truth is we don't know. A physicL set is a suckers game.
New Posts  All Forums: