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 Complete and utter bollocks. The police do not routinely even carry guns in the UK. We have armed response units when required.. which isn't that often. http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/compare/192/rate_of_all_gun_deaths_per_100_000_people/194 US=10.64UK=0.23
I subscribed to iTunes Match ( since my music trial finished ) - I realised it actually suits my needs much better due to the nature of my library, music tastes and listening habits.     This must be a bug.  It should show the info and allow non-apple music subscribers to play a snippet if desired. They can always prompt a user about the benefits of joining at that point as suggested above.. 
Barclays Bank in the UK is stubbornly holding out until next year to support Apple Pay, hoping it's own completely insecure ( think RFID sticker on the back of your phone!!) bPay system will gain some traction - which it won't.  Their arrogance is unsurprising and it's hurting customer convenience of course, not that they care - but I am sure there will be a fairly large uptick in UK usage once Barclays allow their credit and debit cards to be used.   I almost considered...
After messing around with all the features, I find I am only using it for 'My Music' with the iCloud library. It's convenient streaming all my music from any of our devices to a couple of Airport Express's connected to hifi's, but I think I can do this with iTunes Match alone and that is a fair price and matches my usage scenario better, so I will probably sign up for that.    My biggest complaint with the iCloud music library is that it frequently shows the wrong...
I've also noticed Touch ID is seems faster on my 5s since the 9/9.01 updates.  
 I have always heard/read it as "Year on Year" , but that's in the UK... Can't wait.. Apple says my iPhone 6S 128GB is on route for delivery today.
Silver 6s 128GB  Unlocked  ordered via the app - wife is getting my beloved 5s. Can't wait! 
Come on, get off your arse Barclays! :)
What? Their "Knuckle Touch" ???  Don't make me laugh.. they haven't even got a price for it yet... and it looks far less accurate than Apple's offering.
As per TS's amusing image above,  here is a handy guide on how to install Windows 10 without it trampling all over your privacy... mostly.   They have similar help for users of Win7/8.1.   https://fix10.isleaked.com/
New Posts  All Forums: