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 I think you'll find all those things have been around for millennia... they are not a modern day phenomenon.
Those who are interested in the original theatrical release versions, do a search for Harmy's 'DeSpecialized' edititions..   These are decent 720p/mkv versions with all the special edition nonsense removed...   It's still great news that the series is being released on iTunes..
I also read that battery life is awful compared to iPhone 6... and.. you can't remove the battery. Ouch!
"Marijuana" , although originally a Mexican folk name historically, became a pejorative term for Cannabis, popularised by the racist publisher William Randolph Hearst and used to demonize Cannabis and its users through his newspapers. The plant is called Cannabis. I understand you needed to grab eyeballs with the headline... at least you then use the correct term in the story..
Holy sh1t ! - surely this is a 'piss take' ?   wtf ??
I am not at all surprised with the results of these listening tests with the Pono.    There is a good reason 16bit/44.1Khz was chosen for CD. It covered the hearing range of the vast majority of humans, with a bit of extra thrown in ( see Nyquist Theorum ).   The only reason to choose 24bit/96Khz (or even 24/192) is for use within Digital Recording Workstations, as all the mixing , effects, etc. is performed using maths and using this higher bit-rate/sampling means less...
BBC iPlayer is overdue on Apple TV...   Can't fathom the reason, as it is on so many 'Smart' TV's and other media streamers, eg WDTV-Live/etc. 
 Those interest rates will be set by 'Barclaycard' , nothing to do with Apple I am sure.  
 Looking forward to trying out my Smart Case - it's the last item to arrive! Due for delivery today..iPad Air 2 came on Friday - What a beautiful, light, powerful and truly amazing piece of technology it is!  Loving it without the case, but need something to prop it up on the kitchen table :-)
OT:  I also have an iTunes library on an old (2009) Synology NAS connected via wired Gbit network.  I also get some lag and SPOD occasionally when using the Library stored on the NAS.  This is down to the speed of the NAS ( a little linux box with a slow CPU running RAID 5 in my case) and the network connection.   This might not be an issue with the more recent, faster NAS boxes..  If you store you iTunes library on your Mac's internal drive or on an externally connected...
New Posts  All Forums: