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I  overtook a grey Mercedes van with 'Apple Maps' written on the side of it as I drove along the M25 this morning in UK.    The gear on top was covered in a wildly flapping, loosely tied on tarpaulin ...  Looked like it was going to fly off the top of it, hence my overtaking manoeuvre... where I noticed the Apple Maps writing.
I've signed up for the Apple Music 3 month trial here in the UK... I love that the $9.99 / $14.99 charge in the US has automagically converted to £9.99 / £14.99 respectively..  Was expecting a better exchange rate than that - oh, who the feck am I kidding    Overall though very impressed so far - been able to find all kinds of stuff.. may even end up subscribing..
 I think you'll find all those things have been around for millennia... they are not a modern day phenomenon.
Those who are interested in the original theatrical release versions, do a search for Harmy's 'DeSpecialized' edititions..   These are decent 720p/mkv versions with all the special edition nonsense removed...   It's still great news that the series is being released on iTunes..
I also read that battery life is awful compared to iPhone 6... and.. you can't remove the battery. Ouch!
"Marijuana" , although originally a Mexican folk name historically, became a pejorative term for Cannabis, popularised by the racist publisher William Randolph Hearst and used to demonize Cannabis and its users through his newspapers. The plant is called Cannabis. I understand you needed to grab eyeballs with the headline... at least you then use the correct term in the story..
Holy sh1t ! - surely this is a 'piss take' ?   wtf ??
I am not at all surprised with the results of these listening tests with the Pono.    There is a good reason 16bit/44.1Khz was chosen for CD. It covered the hearing range of the vast majority of humans, with a bit of extra thrown in ( see Nyquist Theorum ).   The only reason to choose 24bit/96Khz (or even 24/192) is for use within Digital Recording Workstations, as all the mixing , effects, etc. is performed using maths and using this higher bit-rate/sampling means less...
BBC iPlayer is overdue on Apple TV...   Can't fathom the reason, as it is on so many 'Smart' TV's and other media streamers, eg WDTV-Live/etc. 
 Those interest rates will be set by 'Barclaycard' , nothing to do with Apple I am sure.  
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