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£139 in the UK - Absolute steal ! Purchased and downloaded last night to my 2012 MacBook Air 11"  It runs just fine..   Awesome!  Can't wait to get this running on a new DarthPro come sep/oct.. 
Because user experience is not just all about 'features'.....
Interesting.. Intel stopped making their own PC motherboards recently.. They will still produce reference designs apparently, but it's obvious they are shifting strategy. Could be a win-win for both parties.
  Jragosta is right about brands. Sennheiser HD650's are particularly good for an open-backed headphone that is more 'accurate' than most. The headphone amplifier you use also makes a HUGE difference to how headphones will sound...    For people listening to 160kbs mp3's I am sure 'beats' are fine..  These people want a 'hyped' ( read 'louder' , 'bassier' ) sound..  which beats provide by putting an additional amp in the headphones along with a ridiculous low-frequency EQ...
Crap headphones with ridiculously hyped bass-response.. ok for wannabees, but I would take my Sennheiser HD650's any day over that crap.. 
iPad optimised version??? My mum misses streetview on her iPad and the iPhone app looks crap on the iPad. Are they even planning an iPad version?
Good. In my experience most BMW salesmen/women know f**k all about the cars. I can't count the number of blank stares, 'I don't know' comments and such like I've had over the years.  Most car sales people these days ( at least at BMW ) are just 'order-takers'  - no salesmanship / knowledge of the cars at all.  
"The only hitch: the maximum file size is 250MB"  ... shame. 
  Why??     I suppose possibly more Mac's are sold in the US than outside, but 'most' ?   I've seen a gazillion of these in UK Newspapers ( currently going down the pan admittedly... the Newspapers, not Mac Pro.. ) Plus all the Audio Pro's I know in UK also use Mac Pro's..   My money is on the new Mac Pro being built there. I don't really care though, as long as there is a new Mac Pro and I can purchase it in the UK...
This is how alcohol prohibition was eventually defeated wasn't it?     One state at a time legalized it and all the rest eventually fell like dominoes.
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