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PC Pro magazine in UK ( used to be Mac haters of course ) gave the Mac Pro a glowing review and used terms like 'truly impressive feat of engineering' , 'unparalleled triumph' and 'competitive on Price' ...  Gave it 6/6 stars for performance and features/design , value for money 5/6 :-) It really was a glowing review....     It's funny, they now have Apple products in their 'A-list' of best buys!  Best All-In-One = iMac 27" , Best Full size tablet  = iPad Air  ,...
 It's interesting that many modern programmers have almost unlimited resources available to them on modern platforms and as a result can often write inefficient algorithms and code.  Obviously re-usable code / objects /etc. help in some regard with design and maintenance.. But, they didn't have that luxury in the early days.  I can remember adding up the CPU cycles of individual 6502 assembly instructions within loops to see if it was possible to code it a different way...
 According to UK Apple Store ,  Base Quad Core is £2499 and  six-core is £3299 - available December
Love my MBA 11", LOVE my new iPhone 5s  !   Still love my old Quad G5....  BUT, my credit card is waiting for the new Mac Pro !   Come on Apple :-)
I ordered a Silver 64GB 5s with blue leather case around midnight using the Apple Store App on my 4S in the UK and delivery says 7-10 days.  Seems like a pre-order...  but still very excited and can't wait to get it!!    No more passcode lock! Yay! 
£139 in the UK - Absolute steal ! Purchased and downloaded last night to my 2012 MacBook Air 11"  It runs just fine..   Awesome!  Can't wait to get this running on a new DarthPro come sep/oct.. 
Because user experience is not just all about 'features'.....
Interesting.. Intel stopped making their own PC motherboards recently.. They will still produce reference designs apparently, but it's obvious they are shifting strategy. Could be a win-win for both parties.
  Jragosta is right about brands. Sennheiser HD650's are particularly good for an open-backed headphone that is more 'accurate' than most. The headphone amplifier you use also makes a HUGE difference to how headphones will sound...    For people listening to 160kbs mp3's I am sure 'beats' are fine..  These people want a 'hyped' ( read 'louder' , 'bassier' ) sound..  which beats provide by putting an additional amp in the headphones along with a ridiculous low-frequency EQ...
Crap headphones with ridiculously hyped bass-response.. ok for wannabees, but I would take my Sennheiser HD650's any day over that crap.. 
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