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Here, Here! This is so, so true...
Little Snitch is just a GUI for the built in OSX firewall. The OSX firewall handles both outgoing as well as incoming connections... It wouldn't be much of a firewall without that functionality...
The other issue is that Bluetooth Printing is not supported with iPhone or iPad... My wife was never so disappointed in her iPhone as when she couldn't print to her Pogo! (you can do it via a Mac but that is clumsy and cumbersome) Why is Bluetooth Printing not supported on iDevices??
Zuckerberg is full of shit indeed... If it's a free service... YOU are the product.
Not really regarding an 'Apple TV' per se, but with ANY streaming solution the problem as always is the content. I tried out Netflix when it launched in the UK last month - it is an amazing service that works brilliantly across your devices and I loved the idea of a fixed monthly fee where I could watch anything I want , TV show or movie, whenever. The problem with Netflix is the complete lack of content! My first 4 searches of movies I wanted to watch were not...
Saw this comment on another site which sums it up really.. "Company with best high-street customer service reputation hires man from company with worst high-street customer service reputation." I am sure we are all being grossly unfair to this poor chap and Tim knows what he is doing..
This is the reason I am ditching my 2 x Dell Netbook Hackintoshes and swapping them for a Macbook Air. It was a fun experiment while it lasted and they work pretty well, but not being 64bit chips and having to wait on the hackers to produce the next fix for nearly EVERY OSX update was getting a little tiring.. plus of course the shitty hardware / touch pads you are forced to use Come on Intel! Bring on the Ivy Bridge Xeon's ffs We want new Mac(Pro)'s
Try this one for Mac (Intel only though).....http://www.virtualapple.org/
Film lost out years ago in newspapers to direct-to-plate imaging. Fuji and Agfa supply the newspaper printing industry with aluminium printing plates. That's a big part of their business these days.. albeit a slowly shrinking one. Agfa have had no consumer film business for years - they are very successful in the newspaper Computer-To-Plate and pre-press workflow areas however, also medical imaging systems. Their main competitor for printing plates is Fuji. So Fuji is...
Yeah it would be great to see more enterprises buying actual Mac's (as well as iPads/iPhones) It might even convince Apple to keep the Mac around a little longer..
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