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iPad optimised version??? My mum misses streetview on her iPad and the iPhone app looks crap on the iPad. Are they even planning an iPad version?
Good. In my experience most BMW salesmen/women know f**k all about the cars. I can't count the number of blank stares, 'I don't know' comments and such like I've had over the years.  Most car sales people these days ( at least at BMW ) are just 'order-takers'  - no salesmanship / knowledge of the cars at all.  
"The only hitch: the maximum file size is 250MB"  ... shame. 
  Why??     I suppose possibly more Mac's are sold in the US than outside, but 'most' ?   I've seen a gazillion of these in UK Newspapers ( currently going down the pan admittedly... the Newspapers, not Mac Pro.. ) Plus all the Audio Pro's I know in UK also use Mac Pro's..   My money is on the new Mac Pro being built there. I don't really care though, as long as there is a new Mac Pro and I can purchase it in the UK...
This is how alcohol prohibition was eventually defeated wasn't it?     One state at a time legalized it and all the rest eventually fell like dominoes.
I like iMessage - at least it keeps trying to send a message if it can't get through ( I think ).   Now, standard SMS on an iPhone has one major flaw in my opinion - unlike all other dumb phones ( and even my sh1tty Barcelona Android 2.2 work phone ) it does not keep trying to send the message if it fails first time due to lack of signal - the others all retry until it's sent. I live in an area of bad signal and sometimes even with 1 bar the standard SMS may not...
Yeah great. Now Apple, can you please find a way to let me change the original iCloud email address I was prompted to create when initially setting up iCloud on my iPhone? Ok, it was my fault I used my wifes name while on her phone but using MY AppleID in the iCloud settings... duh.. but can I change it? Might be nice, and surely not hard to implement. Yes, I know I can set up a few 'alias' email names/addresses with iCloud, but the primary email address is wrong and I...
It's working in central London UK, sort of...  The icon is there until you tap the map, then it disappears and I can't seem to bring it back again without reloading the website. Also, once in Streetview, when you exit, again the icon is no longer there.... work in progress, but pretty handy they are adding this feature.
Can't wait..   Will be quite an upgrade going from Logic 8.x/Quad G5  to Logic X / Mac Pro  ( or whatever is top of the line Mac hardware next year...) 
Someone I know has recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3... He was poking fun at my iPhone 4S and 'how tiny it is' .... I said 'that's so it easily fits in my pocket' and he retorts with ' well this fits fine in my back pocket!'  - I said ' be careful when you sit down then..! '  :)   Also I was incredulous that when he was swiping through photos, there was horrible lag and jitter!! I was flabbergasted!   I thought this was supposed to be a high performance phone...
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