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Film lost out years ago in newspapers to direct-to-plate imaging. Fuji and Agfa supply the newspaper printing industry with aluminium printing plates. That's a big part of their business these days.. albeit a slowly shrinking one. Agfa have had no consumer film business for years - they are very successful in the newspaper Computer-To-Plate and pre-press workflow areas however, also medical imaging systems. Their main competitor for printing plates is Fuji. So Fuji is...
Yeah it would be great to see more enterprises buying actual Mac's (as well as iPads/iPhones) It might even convince Apple to keep the Mac around a little longer..
Yeah, Bluetooth 4.0 - great! Now, if I could just print from my iPhone to this Bluetooth Printer here..... oh.. it doesn't work.. but it works from every other phone: my crappy old Nokia to BB & Android.. Why hasn't Apple ever supported Bluetooth printing on the iPhone? It works fine from Mac OSX!
Hmmm... I am running Safari 5.0.4 & Leopard 10.5.8 on a 6 year old PPC Quad G5 and and I can watch it no problem. After reading all these comments I thought there was a problem... apparently not. Thanks Apple for letting us watch this... even if our hardware is 'ancient'
Too late! Sorry for your loss. It is like being violated. Has happened to me before because I used a weak password for years that I dreamt up in the early 90's... ignoring Moore's Law I now follow the password creation tactics laid out in Tallest Skil's .png above... but tend to throw in some punctuation/etc. as well. A good place to test the time it might take to brute-force crack a password can be found here, quite illuminating for many people I suspect.
Very sad news. I cut my programming chops on C (after 6502 assembly) with Kernighan & Richie's classic C programming book. RIP Dennis
I am not familiar with that particular router (or back to my Mac ), but according to Cisco/Linksys support pages, some new firmware was released in September that fixes some issues on the 4200, UPnP is mentioned... Make sure you are running the latest firmware on the Router and try again.
I was reading that when asked by his doctor if he was glad he'd had kids, he replied. "it's 10,000 times better than anything I've ever done. " Human after all.
Haha! Hilarious! Nice one!
What a complete load of misogynistic bollocks...
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