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Haha! Hilarious! Nice one!
What a complete load of misogynistic bollocks...
All your devs are belong to us This is so, so, so true... well said.
"I was on the board until.... I'd stolen all the info I needed to help us transform Android into an iPhone copycat!..." (allegedly) Tosser!
They are not making much money at that. As someone who works in the industry I can tell you they are a minor player these days compared to the likes of Agfa and to a lesser extent Fuji.
I think the fact that his biological father left Steve's birth mother and little sister after 4 years of marriage says a lot about the guy. I am not surprised in the least that Steve seems to want nothing to do with him. Hilarious parody Tallest Skil btw - thanks
ditto , +1
lol you guys... yes ok it is a fake web address... I still think the phone looked nice...
That video does look genuine imo.... and surely would be such a lot of work to fake... you'd have to be extremely sad to go to all that bother surely?? Nice looking iPhone imo as well
I feel for her family and loved ones. As a parent, one of the worst things imaginable is your child dying before you do. I am not a fan and don't have any of her music, although I did think she had a good voice. Addiction is a terrible burden - and some people are more prone than others. Apparently she had given up the illegal drugs some time ago, but as is so common in these cases it was probably the legal intoxicant alcohol that killed her. If you are drinking 2...
New Posts  All Forums: