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Has anyone else experienced a problem with wifi after upgrading to 6.1? My iPad says the wifi password is wrong. I know it's not. No problem with my iPhone or MacBook Pro. Tried resetting my network settings to no avail. Any advice would be welcome!
For the record, the Starbucks won't actually be in the lounge space...it'll be a few doors down.
Yeah, this store is replacing one of the first Apple Stores built and it's TINY. I agree, I can't believe the Galleria has allowed that to go on as long as it has. You see people on the first floor (the store is on the second) with geniuses giving lessons. It's kind of ridiculous. I heard about this store about 6 months ago (i used to work at this mall) and spoke with the Starbucks staff about how they were being moved to a different location so Apple could have their...
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