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On my way to school from Portland to San Antonio last year, my 1999 300M broke down in the middle of the Arizona desert. Thank god there was a Chrysler dealer 40 miles down the road in some crap town. Yes, it is indeed fun to drive in the desert. Oh, make sure your A/C works Also, you're taking a truck to Berkley? Ok...
As a seller and as someone who has considered buying computers on eBay, here's some advice. EBay is overpriced. I've bee nseeing 1.0ghz eMacs going for $900. I sold an old iBook for $500 more than I paid for it. If you want a good rip off, then eBay is your place.
I don't care if he's gay, but cheating is not cool. He did the right thing by resigning.
Now there's something we agree on. But just because I know all of my customers are stupid, doesn't mean I treat them like they are.
I think this bike thing is pretty cool. Too bad I'm a Republican \
You need proof of enrollment such as a student ID and a valid drivers license (or some sort of state ID). Beware, the Apple Store I just went to put me on a waiting list for the new iPod (see "Bought a new PowerBook: My Apple Store Experience).
Actually, my opinion comes from dealing with employees at the place I work. We had this one guy who would constantly tell people to just buy something from one of our suppliers so they would save money. I don't like people who have no loyalty to their company.
Last time I checked, Apple prided itself on a different kind of retail experience. I assumed that mac users would want Apple to have good service, but it seems like you don't care. You sound like a guy that does all of his shopping on the internet anyway. Maybe you should get out into the real world more and see how non-hermits interact with people. My point about the applecare thing was that I wouldn't report bad service to the manager, because the manager himself was...
It's a really easy decision for me. I'm voting for Bush because I'm a conservative and so is Bush. I don't agree with the platform of the Democratic Party at all. I am a strong supporter of Bush's economic policies. I also like Bush not just because of his policies but for him as a person. He seems really down to earth for a President. He has a truck and does manual labor on his ranch, wears jeans and a cowboy hat and so forth. I like that. Kerry seems too prissy...
Because I forgot to mention that the store manager was standing there bragging to one of his friends about how he sold 3 years of Apple Care to someone who bought an eMac and REALLY didn't want it. Maybe that makes him a good salesman, but he's crooked too. Plus, I've had positive results with my e-mails to Jobs in the past.
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