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I don't care about colored iPods so long as they keep the white headphones. That way, people will know I'm cool even if they don't recognize my music player. I know iPod sales are good for Apple but it's kind of sad. Now you are not cool if you don't have an iPod, where before, having a Mac was unique and made you cool/interesting. I don't know if I'm making sense. Having an iPod makes you like everyone else, and if you don't have one there is something wrong with...
95% of Americans believe in god.
I don't know quite how to describe it but the aluminum lid has a huge gap between it and the screen on one side of the PowerBook. And also, there is a little case warping right where my slot loading CD ROM is. It's like the aluminum is not strong enough and is buckling from the pressure that is on it. But overall, this is a great laptop and by far the best I have had and I would never consider going back to an iBook or to a larger PowerBook.
I hate it how because someone's gay or black or whatever that they think they should be treated differently. This school which tax payers are paying for is an awful idea. Whatever happened to the idea of integration and acceptance? Now it seems like celebrating diversity means treating people like somehow they are special. I got to go so I can't finish my post but this is a complete outrage!
Ouch, burn. But the PT still doesn't have really fake wood or 18" Special rims.
I lost 15 pounds between the 7th and 12th grade too. It sucked for a while with the insults and all but then I grew (went from 5'4" to 6') and started working out more and now I'm fine as it sounds like you are. Fatty to prom king now that is justice!
The PT GT might be all rad and hip o whatever but it ain't got nothin' on my 300M. word.
I wondered who made those. Good job. As for the "bitchin' fast" part, that is a good question...
This is pretty old. I have a newer one that is really tight, actually it's very similar to the xServe based tower that's a few posts above this. Hopefully I can find that because it's really cool. Until then, here's this one.
I already have the perfect soloution for taking notes during class, then organizing them later. I call it a notebook and it cost me a only buck fiddy ($1.50). 8)
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