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I came in 1999 as G4Me when I got my 400mhz G4 tower. Man. those were the days, I was a freshman in high school.
While not crashes, my iMac 800 logs me out a lot in 10.2. And by "a lot" I mean several times a day. I've had my new Athlon 2600+ PC for almost 2 months now and it has crashed once.
1989 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Coupe. It's a pretty rare car here in America and it's in what I like to call the "Bond" colour and it has the leaper on the bonnet so it gets a lot of attention. I wish I had a decent pic of it. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE British cars, their interiors with all the wood and the timeless exteriors are just amazing. I plan on my next car being something like a 1996 Range Rover or if I can somehow get a little more $ together, a 1997 XJR, or a 2002...
These are the words that were being shouted here in Portland as protestors were being driven back and made to disperse at around 11:30 last night. That just really struck me. I didn't fully understand just how ignorant many of these people are until that moment. Let's look at the facts for a moment shal we? At 4:00 PM, protestors began marching WITHOUT A PERMIT through downtown stopping traffic on all the major roads and bridges including the I-5 and I-405. The police...
Looks like an Audi except worse
I hope that as many of our troops as possible return safely, and I am glad they are fighting for a just cause; the freedom of the world.
Get a used, like maybe a 2000 Range Rover. The Envoy is nice, but I absolutely HATE GM interiors, they are the worst out there. Maybe wait for the VW Toureg. The Explorers are nice, I have an Expedition and love it, but the latest redesign does nothing for me, it seems like they've cheapened them up. Sorry for just rambling on and not giving you any real advice.
I'm 6' and when I drove the MINI, I was amazed at the interior volume. I even sat in the back to see how the legroom was and it was tolerable. Throw a wood kit in the interior and you have an awesome british car. [ 03-16-2003: Message edited by: G4Dude ]

[quote]Originally posted by BR: I go camping quite frequently and can only afford one car. It is a necessity for me, unlike like those idiots that buy SUVs as status symbols.
I honestly don't know anyone who has bought their SUV because it's a status symbol. People buy them because they're big, roomy, and often luxurious, and women like them because women generally like to sit up higher and see more of the road; it makes them feel...
[quote]Originally posted by curiousuburb: [Skeptical] not to impugn your character without meeting you, but at age 18 shouldn't that be a "silver spoon" coloured Jaguar?
Seriously man, fvck you. My car cost me $4700. I know at least 100 kids that I can NAME that have cars that cost way more than mine. A car that costs under $5000 for an 18 year old is not...
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