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95% of the streets here in Portland have bike lanes but cylists just weave through traffic and go through stop lights and do whatever the hell they please most of the time. Sometimes I just want to give them a little love tap and send them into a ditch. I especially love it when they ride on the line instead of inside the bike lane so there's no way in hell you can pass them. And when you finally do get to pass them, they give you the finger. It's like they're all a...
I watched her perform and wasn't that impressed. I don't even think she was actually playing the piano. [ 02-24-2003: Message edited by: G4Dude ]

[quote]Originally posted by Stagger: No, not a troll. I mean, I'm not a Mac user and I visit this Mac forum because BR told me about it, so I guess I am sort of a troll, but I didn't come here looking for a fight.
Well I consider BR a troll, so you're guilty by association then.
You know what? I don't really think that Stagger guy was that out of line with his comments even though he seems to be a troll. There is a weird elitist feeling you get from most mac users and a lot of times it is really annoying. It's like they think they're superior because they have discovered what they think is the best OS and they can afford to pay for it because they are more educated and have better jobs. What a load of BS. Anyway, I use a mac because I feel...
So I've moved the LCD iMac to another room and got me a PC for daily use. This thing (Athlon 2600+) may not be the fastest thing out but it sure as hell slaughters my iMac in just about every task. I'm still gonna use the iMac ocasionally (maybe for DV stuff) but this PC is amazing and XP really isn't that bad. It's kind of ugly but it's not too bad. And the whole world of games has opened up to me as a result of me getting the PC. I really didn't know what I was...
I'd be Tommy the Green Ranger because Dragonzord kicked ass and calling a zord with a flute is totally rad! What a sad 1000'th post
Anyone who gets into OS and computer fights should get their ass kicked. My $.02
Super Troopers
[quote]Originally posted by SDW2001: Funniest title in a while! [Laughing] On a serious note, do you blame the guy who called 911? Wouldn't you have?
Oh he did the right thing, and I'm glad he did it. It just sucks how my posse was the one out of thousands that got in trouble for kidnapping their friend.
[quote]Originally posted by stunned: Well, tats one birthday u will not forget!
damn straight. We were on the news today and then I went to Taco Bell and there were these guys there and they were all "way to go man. You're the kidnappers."
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