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My friends kidnapped me for my birthday which is a common practice around here. Anyway, I was in the back end of my friends Explorer and they decided to stop at a 7-11 and put me in a seat so I would have a seat belt. Anyway, the guy at the 7-11 thought it was a REAL kidnapping and called 911. They roped off the place and gathered evidence and put out an a warning to the border patrols in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and California to be on the lookout for us. ...
General Tso's Chicken Shrimp/Chicken Chow Mein Pot Stickers Szechuan(sp?) string beans Hot yellow mustard stuff All of this applies only if you go to a good place. At many restaurants, all this stuff tastes like horse shit.
OMG!!! Not to mention no Superdrive!!! What the hell??? Sound off!
It's $999 because I'm not building it. I was lazy and just bought one from a company. It's a pretty good price for a name brand PC though
[quote]Originally posted by Mr. Macintosh: US History 11
No offense, but when I was in US History 11 (last year), I was writing 20 page analytical papers on things like the cause the Great Depression. Your class sounds like a joke, and I kinda wish I was in it
I was in the market for a new desktop and $999 for a 2.6ghz/120GB/520MB/Radeon All-In-Wonder 9000/front access Firewire+USB/48X CD-RW machine was just too good of a deal to pass up. I've used XP so I know what I'm getting into but $999 is jsut so good. Anyway, I still use macs for my portable computing needs and I still have this iMac until my PC gets here, so I'm not abandoning you guys. [ 01-28-2003: Message edited by: G4Dude ]

1300. The SAT is a joke, and a complete waste of time. It's funny because I had lots of people telling me that 1300 sucks and guess what, I got into a good school and they still are receiving rejection letters, so fvck them.
[quote]Originally posted by Mulattabianca: But that word sounds so horrible that i've used always computadoras
Ya, I use computadora too, but I'm not much of a role model since I consistantly like to "montar el autob├║s."
[quote]Originally posted by Mulattabianca: Heh, this is weird. I saw in a Spanish Mac board that you can't talk about computers.. = the word computer [in Spanish] gets censored. And I thought only Windows were com****doras!!!
Which is why in Spain, they call them "ordenadores."
The release of the Phantom "VI" is truly a sad event for the automotive world. This is what people worried about when Ford bought Jaguar. They feared that the foreigners would take over and have no concept of what British design was all about. This has now happened with Rolls-Royce. Luckily Bentley and Jag don't seem to be going down the same path as RR; at least for now. [ 01-15-2003: Message edited by: G4Dude ]

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