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Guam and Puerto Rico. 52, beeotches!!!! :cool:
It better be updated by August, I'm going to college and need a laptop. And it BETTER be above 1ghz. This is not really a magical plateau that Horned_Frog mentioned. That plateau would be more like 2ghz. It also needs a PC card slot.
And how exactly are hybrids anything more than marginally better than diesels?
[quote]Originally posted by Scott: I'm 32 years old. You know I watched the old one. The dialog seems like it came from people who aren't writers. They seems to use the wrong words in the wrong places. I'd pick out examples but I'm on a dial up right now and can't download the movie.
I enjoy Star Trek but you are correct, the diologue and acting are absolutely awful. I had to turn the damn thing off, I couldn't stand it.
Let's see, my car cost $5000. For the same price, I could have bought a scooter! Wow, was I ever dumb. Here, with all the rain we get, i can't imagine people standing on a 12mph scooter getting soaked by rain 300 days a year. I know someone who somehow has one already and we make fun of her because we've all realized how dumb the thing is.
I also hate it how you can't use animated buddy icons in iChat. REALLY ANNOYING!!!
I'm so glad that San Francisco did this. The segway is a joke. I've seen them in person and had the chance to take one for a quick spin; it's USELESS. What a waste of money. Now for something like hotel/resort security or transportation within a warehouse or something like that, it's a different story. But for use on the streets of a city, they are dumb.
I've been skiing for 12 years. Fun stuff, especially with all the mountains and ski areas here in Oregon. I tried snowboarding when I was little and simply found it annoying. You fall down and it's hard to get up and you faceplant yourself in the snow and shatter your Oakleys. I tried it again last year and had the same results.
Real Ultimate Power is BY FAR the COOLEST site EVER!!!! No other site even COMES CLOSE!!! And if it did, the NINJAS would destroy it WITHOUT EVEN THINKING TWICE!!!
[quote]Originally posted by rampancy: It can be from any of the series or a movie, and it can be either one you love or one you hate. Personally, I got a good chuckle out of "Future's Past", Pt. I and II from Voyager, where, apparently, all of the present-day computer technology we all know and love came from a crashed Fed. timeship from the 27th (?) Century. [Laughing]
And they were...
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