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[quote]Originally posted by thuh Freak: congrats, where ya goin?
Trinity. I'm feeling good. A lot of my friends got rejected and frankly they should have been even with their 1300, 1400+ SAT's. They figured that since they go to private school they could slack off and automatically get in almost anywhere. Ah, there is justice in this world afterall.
This is a little late but on monday I found out that I got into college!!! Yee ha! I got my first choice! I'm so stoked!!! Watch out Texas, here I come!
[quote]Originally posted by Ebby: However, the prototype "Phoenix" (I think), that was shown on one Voyager episode, was specifically designed to separate in 3 sections during battle situations. (AKA: the Multi-vector assault mode)
Yes, I throughly enjoyed the Multi-Vector Assault Mode of the PROMETHEUS. One of my favorite Voyager episodes (though I didn't watch it much)
I have Qwest DSL and the speed is very eratic (sp?). I honestly cannot recomend it to anybody.
[quote]Originally posted by CosmoNut: Same here. It was nice to sit in a packet theatre that WASN'T full of preppy Abercrobie and Brat-wearing teenagers.
Ya in my theater the only Abercrombie wearing teenager was me. I guess it's time to run and hide now...
I am not a trekkie and RARELY watch any Star Trek but my friends and I went and saw it because one of them really likes Star Trek and the rest of us were really bored. Anyway, I thought it was really cool. The battles and the ramming was pretty cool. The fight in the 24th century Jeeps/Hummers (couldn't tell which; they both have 7 slot grilles) was so friggin cool! I also really liked the opening scene on Romulus. I was however, under the impression that the...
[quote]Originally posted by stunned: Austin Powers 2.... I was always bored to sleep.
Ya, it was a terrible movie. Goldmember was a little better though. There is just something missing from these latest 2 that the original had.
I love it when Maury runs shows with only clips from other episodes. "Today on Maury: Best Paternity Tests of 2002!" [ 12-10-2002: Message edited by: G4Dude ]

History and PE
[quote]Originally posted by satchmo: I overheard a Mac dealer telling a customer it the Toshiba 1.8 GHz Mobile Celeron processor was basically a pumped up Pentium II.
I think the Celeron used to be a re-branded Pentium II. But when the P4 came out, that changed.
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