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Where's the source for this "study?" I don't see it attributed anywhere, but I though AI was better than that. Am I missing something?
About f'ing time. Apple has been telling us "any day now" for well over a year in the Asia-Pacific area.
  Given Jizmodo's history, this wouldn't surprise me even a little bit.
"our reps do what it takes to align customer needs with the best device for them*" * where "them" means the reps, not the customers
If I can't turn off auto-termination and versions then I'm not interested. It's absolutely maddening to launch an application, just to have it immediately quit when I switch back to the Finder to drag a document to its icon on the dock.
Wow, how lazy do you have to be to sell an iPhone 4 to Best Buy for $167 when you can get way more for them on eBay???
Only in marketing-speak. To humans, $999.99 means $1000.
Looks like the part code is MC978LL/A.
Hmm. There seems to be an inconsistency there. Lemme help you fix that. Windows has been offering hardware-based full disk encryption since Vista, so for six years now.I can't believe I'm standing up for Windows, but facts are facts.
Target disk mode is actually quite useful as a support tool in enterprise and education environments. Just because you won't use it doesn't mean it's useless.
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