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Target disk mode over TB is blazing fast! Has anyone heard whether you can do IP over TB like you can with FW?
I can confirm this as a non-US Apple distributor. Our parts end with X/A instead of LL/A in most cases, so the new Airport Extreme is MD031X/A and the Time Capsules are MD032X/A and MD033X/A.
I love how that photo makes it look like tiny Steve Jobs is standing in a room full of 15-foot tall racks!
*blink* *blink* That's exactly what Apple did. The XServe has been discontinued since January, with no rackable replacement available. They've already started losing enterprise customers, and they need to win them back with a rackable Mac Pro. What's stupid and clumsy is that they didn't have one ready in January.
Easy. Right-click the Lion Installer, and navigate into Contents -> Shared Resources. Burn the ESD.dmg file to DVD or dump it onto a USB partition with Disk Utility, and away you go.
Agreed, but sensationalism sells!!!11! Will be cool for you folks based in the U.S. that travel overseas. Buy a local SIM and avoid paying AT$T roaming rates.
That is the most ridiculous bug I have seen in Office 2011 as well. Seriously, what crack were they on to think that was a good idea?!?
That's categorically incorrect. They have denied users access to their books based on the status of their phone. This didn't happen because the device was jailbroken. This happened because Apple checked for the existence of the jailbreak and actively disabled functionality.
Your argument is more like the car manufacturer including a kill switch that automatically blows the head gasket when you tune the engine in a way they don't approve. This has gone beyond something accidentally being broken and is a direct intentional check that purposely disables functionality. Sorry, but your little straw man is blowing away. Whoops, there he went.
Yeah, not funny for the third-party distributors and resellers who can't get them at all any more.
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