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I agree.The problem is not the hardware but iOS 7 animations. Hopefully they will be fixed in 7.1I'm using iPad air but I face same minor problem everyday. Other than this love the iOS 7.
Adding an attachment from mail also is very slow. It takes 10-15 seconds for folders to load even though I'm having SSD drive only. Yes update can't come soon enough !
Ditto here.
I think iI think I'll be happier coming from iPad 3 which was given to my parents just few says ago.I might buy iPad air instead of mini as it is much lighter than the iPad 3 now.
I wanted to buy retina mini wifi 128gb but now I guess I'll get the iPad air.
Love the new update. Very smooth and so far all good. Since yesterday total download was about 14-15gb and I'm talking about without the live stream.
Last I heard 42 million users on china mobile that is without 3G/4g service and without iPhone 5s/5c. How is it apple is the one always loosing? Pls do explain.
True. What's the point of doing some benchmarks which device is faster when all of them are showing wrong results?So now apple is proven right even on the benchmarks test also. and for normal everyday use they are already far ahead from other companies.Before these tech companies use to mess with battery tests only and now this too.
With iPhone 5 on iOS 6 I have played some games before via airplay and I must say it's not so smooth. In fact there is a lag in every few seconds and games are not playable at all. I hope now with iOS 7 and iPhone 5s they have fixed these problems and hopefully it will run smoothly via airplay. Can anybody confirm if it works perfectly now?
try the new android door… the customization is too good and you can also select the door bells, sneak a peak from eyepiece with fish eye angle with some instagram filters (with some advertisements ofcourse), you can change the color of the doors and select many default themes. /s
New Posts  All Forums: