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i just went to iCloud.com and deleted all the contacts (select all) from there and uploaded the right ones from my mac… it was an easy setup…
thanks for the reply, so i guess it's not there in the final release…
"You can create your own multitouch gesture shortcuts to launch most used programs. Hidden in the Accessibility menu again, this neat system can help you tweak your iPhone usability to perfection. For example, you can do a 'C' for calendar launch, or an 'M' for mail, or two finger pull down for tasks." this is what i read in timesofindia.com website but i'm not able to do it what they says… someone got some idea about this?
i was thinking the same thing about bluetooth and i was sure when they update MacBooks bluetooth will also be updated to 4.0 instead of 2.1… let's hope for the next year's model when they update 13" MacBooks with ivy bridge quad core and bluetooth 4.0
i'm on china mobile with iPhone 4… i'm use to the edge network now, from so long i'm waiting for iPhone to support china mobile… the problem is that my number is 6 years old and i'm not gonna get the new number just for 3g service. i guess next year's iPhone model will support china mobile's 4g service…
oh i think i didn't mention it clearly, i meant for wireless controller multitouch pad… ofcourse we can't use the appletv itself to play games or something…
to play games and use it as a keyboard i guess… you can't use iPad or iPhone or iPod all the time to use apple tv… anyways, it's just my guess nothing else.
how about the apple tv 3 with a5 chip and app store and multitouch pad with gyroscope and accelerometer built in for 149 dollars? would it sell well?
will there be live telecast from apple?
when are they going to make more games based on infinity blade??
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