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haha... good one. i'm glad you put the sarcasm word below, otherwise a new discussion would have start right here.
your imagination is good, let's wait to see what comes in iOS5.maybe they will bring something much better.
yes it can be done but as per my understanding it can be done only ONCE.
i see it now, thanks.
@MobileMe are you sure about this? it would be really great fun to have server as an option without buying server software separately.
I've tried the same to use gmal more but only few of my suppliers out of 400 are using gmail and the rest all are on msn.
i have used Chax too but i think what he meant is iChat should support this natively.
now pls make the same for windows live messenger in iChat... i hate to use windows live app for mac which sucks and through jabber account in iChat which sucks too...
Guys, biggest mobile carrier is china mobile with 550 million subscribers. Not china telecom.
yeah, tired already of reading retina display for iPad 2 again and again which is not even going to be there no matter how much i wish it to be there.
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