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yeah, tired already of reading retina display for iPad 2 again and again which is not even going to be there no matter how much i wish it to be there.
i expect iOS 5, iPhone & iPad to be announce in a single event.
did you say iPad? now you have my support...
you should check out MobileMe service for syncing emails, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes...
what is flash??
[QUOTE=AIA;1790092]Not true, the iPhone's 3G works just fine on China Unicom. That said, even those on other networks without 3G (China Mobile, China Telecom) should not be labelled as irrational for wanting to use an iPhone. 3G hasn't really caught on in China yet (though I can see this changing soon) as many folks cannot justify doubling, tripling, or quadrupling their current monthly cellular costs to get 3G access. Folks here are used to spending a lot of money for the...
hehe. even if 2 things become true from my requirements i'll be very happy and it will be like my dream come true.
naah... i'm still happy with my black macbook but it is time now to upgrade hence i threw some of my requirements... i'm not sure what apple will be bringing in next update so i put some of my idea... ssd's are going to be basics atleast in macbook pro's...
i've been waiting for this so eagerly... i need 13" macbook pro with: i5 2540m or i5 2520m sandy bridge ssd 256 or 512 gb hard drive 13-15 hours battery 8GB or 16GB RAM (4gb will also be sufficient) LightPeakhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightpeak (hope it is finally here) either BLUE-RAY or NO OPTICAL DRIVE 1080p full HDD HDMI OUTPUT IPS LCD Retina display screen (i can dream, right?)
he totally ignored the syncing contacts problem which gmail is having.. i've tried many times before(2 yrs before as after i failed i bought mobileme), for example if i have a contact save with 2 mobile phone numbers, if i want to sync my contacts with gmail it will delete one mobile number and my contacts will show that person only has one number saved... i'm sure solipsism has already given many facts why mobileme is better than gmail so i don't have to mention it.
New Posts  All Forums: