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good points but i don't see last year's iPad mini price going down, atleast not that much. even if they reduce the price i think they will price it around $279 or something like that.
exactly, i don't think any other tablet except the iPad does matter now. and i don't mean it personally for myself, the way tablet market is reacting its clear that iPad rocks.
i agree. web apps are only useful for light editing or creating… for regular users native apps works much better and they are more convenient.
I think its possible they would make iOS apps such as iWork suit and iLife suit free but i don't see that happening with OS X apps… i can be wrong though.  i'm seriously locked in already with apple's eco system and what they are doing now with that i can see more n more people locking in. is that good or bad?   I can't wait to get live programming on the apple tv without the subscriptions… that would be cool. but i guess this topic is for other forum.
i read few days ago about the rumors of iWork and iLife apps to be free on iOS, if yes then i don't see any point it to be using from iOS Safari.
I'm guessing it was a bug as calendar had a bug in first beta that zulu calendars won't work and in the second beta it got fixed but the new data was coming only by manual pulling not by the fetch intervals.
after updating to iOS 7 beta 2 i can confirm everything is back to normal for Zulu calendars (Filemaker Plugin) and its working perfectly.
You are looking at it the wrong way. We don't have to stare at the icon whole the time as we will be using the actual app instead of staring at the icon.
i can confirm that Zulu calendars (Filemaker Plugin) doesn't works with iOS 7 beta. i know its a beta but just letting anyone know who tries to update it to iOS 7 beta and start screaming… 
Ha, good one.I'm a 28 years old man. Not the iron man though.
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