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everything is right there in the Albums folder including all panoramas, videos, events, faces in each their folder accordingly… that's a nice addition specially all the videos placed in one folder and all the panoramas in one folder.   not sure if the camera roll videos are going directly to the Video folder… i think it should not go directly to videos folder as after removing the videos from camera roll it will disappear from videos folder too which sounds scary.  
that's what i thought when i first saw it, this beast is of no use to me (or shall i say i'm not useful for this machine :) ) but still i would want one if its in my price range.
totally agree, even in the beta version i find much less bugs when comparing to iOS 6 beta…  one of the best feature i like is photo stream uploading for non-admins.
I hope they give us live streaming even if only on the Apple TV. Actually that will be much better.
i agree for the lag part.. i think it will be smooth once 802.11ac is available.
 1) i think it was already working previously as i was using iTunes Match on my apple tv from long time… i don't understand what's new with the streaming?   2) ref to the 1st point.   edit: i see anantksundaram beat me to it.
Try backing up your phone and restoring again to 6.0.2This helped me so you can give it a try.
i just wish mine gets to normal asap. i'm in china now and many of my friends are using iPhone 5 and literally all of them have the slower wifi and i cannot find one iPhone 5 which doesn't have this problem…  i bought from a reseller and he showed me 10 new iPhone 5's there and all of them had slower wifi.   i know but it is really very strange.
for you ok i believe so, how can you say that there is no problem for others? well maybe the problem is not only 6.0.2 but maybe mixed with hardware but surely there is some kind of problem otherwise people won't be reporting many problems.   anyways when i restored my iPhone 5 the battery problem has been solved fully but the slow wifi problem still exists… 
if there is no problem with iOS 6.0.2 then surely there is no meaning to bring 6.0.3 but if some people are having problem i think there should be an update coming… I'm not saying that definitely there will be an update as these things only Apple knows it. you sounds very confident that there is no "fix" coming for 6.0.2, i'm not questioning you but why are you over confident about it?
New Posts  All Forums: