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Upgrade to what?
i restored my iPhone 5 from iCloud backup iOS 6.0.2 and seems like battery problem has been solved and my usage time shows the actual usage time now (not like before where usage time and standy time were both same, for example standby time was 20 hours and usage time was also 20 hours). if any update i will let you guys know later. but the wifi is still slow as before. i'm sitting very near to my newest time capsule in my office and my internet speed is 5mbps but i'm...
yes my friend yes, as per my understanding many people are having trouble so apple will release the new update asap. i hope. so it is better to wait.
i can't even try as i'm in china right now and it's not easy to discuss with the chinese staff at apple store. i might have already tried if i were in U.S. though i would love the update about latest iOS policies/settings.
i don't know but prior to iOS 6.0.2 when my phone is in standby mode and the moment i switch on the screen it shows that it is connected on EDGE even though i'm sitting at home very near to wifi and after 2-3 seconds wifi sign is back on. it always works the same for my iPads and iPhones from the beginning.  after iOS 6.0.2 even though my phone is on standby mode for a longer period and when i switch on the screen it shows it is connected to wifi.   so my understanding is...
yup. i'm having that problem… in my usage the standby time and usage time shows same for both so i guess after this update wifi is always on even on standby time when the phone is not using anything…    i hope i'm wrong. now i'm waiting for the next update to fix this.
Why do you want it so much?Is something wrong with your iPod?
iCloud works perfectly here, MobileMe was slow but i never felt it slower till i used iCloud and i'm happy with both the services as they works nicely. atleast for me. love the sync of contacts, emails, reminders, calendars, photo stream (love the comments on the picture), iMessage is very nice, FaceTime works well.   only thing i'm waiting for is add the game scores through game center iCloud id and sync all the scores between the devices… 
i hope they do, but look at their 3g subscribers figure… the numbers are almost same as korea's population.
totally agree, i can say most of my suppliers who are Chinese are using iPhones mostly… everywhere you go in china in downtown place you will find iPhones… can't wait for iPhone 5 launching on china mobile as ifixit's teardown shows that qualcomm chip is having td-scdma radio for 3g service. 
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