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I'm in china and I can confirm one thing apple standard maps show more data than google maps in standard view. But google maps had satellite view in my area whereas apple maps doesn't have satellite view. In fact if I zoom out enough in street view it shows only a big forest. So now I know why I couldn't find any 3d flyover view even when I'm trying to look something in US. It's cos they are using autonavi in china and tom tom and others all over the world.
Hehe, good one.
Methinks if this website only allowed forums for apple products only ( I'm not saying it should) and no other devices can post here then I'm sure iHaters will actually buy apple products so that they can post here about apple not innovating and blocking competition and all the other things being said here. Especially today. .
Interviewer: "Imagine if you find yourself in a building which caught fire and you are on the 11th floor? Will you try to save others? Will you take elevator to escape or by stairs?""I'll stop my imagination": said the interviewee
I totally agree with you. They don't sell content here online at all, they have youku , pptv and many other things which offer free movies and tv shows. There are some movies you can rent on youku even the English ones and they cost only $0.80I've seen many people pirating apps as not many people like to pay but I have also seen many of my suppliers buying a lot of things from app store.
  actually i'm in china (i'm not Chinese) and me n my few friends all have apple tvs and iPads in our home and most of us enjoy the airplay. if we wanna watch indian or english movies airplay is godsend for us (if you ever heard of pptv or youku)…   but i understand your point and all of my chinese friends have never heard of apple tv and they are shocked to see when i play movie from iPad to my HDTV.   i would love if apple releases Apple TV worldwide and gives us excess...
i hope their iCloud account is doing regular backups while connected on wifi
  am i missing something here?? what kind of calculator you are expecting on a phone? or you are just talking about the calculator icon?
same here… i'll buy once and will install in 7 machines. 
very true. i wouldn't waste this beast too by running windows… can't wait to get one here in china.  on chinese apple store it says can't order right now as it is not confirmed by the officials. 
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