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Same problems here. Hope it will be fixed soon.
Windows is bringing viruses on Mac too. Lol.
I agree, I'm using it and very happy with it. I like the way they sync the data between I devices with macs.
Exactly, same thoughts here.
you are right about this, my bad. apologies to isheldon.how? even if you go to iCloud.com there is no option for signup so i guess they don't allow…
i agree for the over-pricing to buy movies on iTunes, i only like to rent movies when i want to watch it.
dude, are you new to apple platform? what the hell are you talking about?there is no way IMO they are going to make iTunes available as a service on non-apple hardware.can you apply for new id for iCloud email service on non-apple hardware? i don't think so..
really looking forward to this.
I'm sure everybody would love to carry a iDevice with 3-4x battery than the current ipad but is that even possible with the current battery technology?I'm sure you know the answer.
with mountain lion.
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