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i agree for the over-pricing to buy movies on iTunes, i only like to rent movies when i want to watch it.
dude, are you new to apple platform? what the hell are you talking about?there is no way IMO they are going to make iTunes available as a service on non-apple hardware.can you apply for new id for iCloud email service on non-apple hardware? i don't think so..
really looking forward to this.
I'm sure everybody would love to carry a iDevice with 3-4x battery than the current ipad but is that even possible with the current battery technology?I'm sure you know the answer.
with mountain lion.
haha, good one.
i agree and i can't imagine going back too on SL, in fact look forward to ML.
glad to hear that… twice. i was waiting myself first to hear it from others that the new UI on apple tv is good so that nobody will make fun of me for saying that. oh and now that i'm relaxed i think i can say that i like Lion much more than SL and can't wait for ML
can anybody confirm this?may i ask why didn't you upgrade to Lion yet?i have always read RSS in Mail app and i have never liked using it in safari.
the least i can say is iPad 1 is running smoother on 5.1.
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