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as filemaker is non-app store, i wonder how they would use iCloud. or maybe they will bring filemaker to app-store as well.
i agree for the photo stream part with you, the fact that i can see the fabric designs on my tv and not be able to delete them is horrible.
that's where you are wrong buddy, iCloud saves the files on the cloud as well as on the registered device. i like the way where it is going right now.
i'm seriously waiting for the day when iPhone 5 (or 6, pls don't kill me TS, ) is launched on china mobile.
i think if they will add AIM, surely they will add other IM client supports which right now ichat is having. by the way i hate that iMessages doesn't syncs the messages which i get on my iPhone mobile number. i hope they will add that too.
i want messages app (which is going to be release for ML which include other protocols like google talk, yahoo and other jabber) for iOS too… i want them to sync the same way they sync for iMessages for all the texts from mobile number msgs, google talk msgs, and all the other jabber protocols (if they can include msn too)…
i've seen this problem of weather widget since 10.5 and it has never been fixed, i have done clean install and everything same as stated by TS above but no result. it doesn't bother me so much as i don't check the weather all the time but still i would want them to fix it.
i've the exact same problem for weather widget… everytime i update my mac i always check it but it is still not fixed… hope it will be fixed in the mountain lion official relase.
I'm always thinking I know about macs more than normal people but you people always beat me.you Smart a$$e$ !!! But thanks for that NetBoot install image of lion which I didn't know about and I made a USB install of it as I wanted to install lion on few machines. Now for mountain lion in future I can install in this way...
google doesn't sell android, they made a free operating system which other OEM's are using such as motorola, samsung, htc etc… google do sell some nexus series but they are far from outselling iPhone which is still no.1 selling smartphone… time will tell… desperate? just yesterday tim cook said there are around 100m iCloud users which looks a decent number of users…
New Posts  All Forums: