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wait for it, an Apple employee…
just curious, how to share a location from Messages app from mac?
when you watch the video properly for AirPlay Mirroring, it doesn't shows any lag of few seconds when transferring video from macbook to HDTV whereas right now if you airplay from iPad or iPhone there is clearly a lag of 2-3 seconds… have they fixed it or this is the sign of new apple tv?
below is the post where i can say your 'dream come true'
seems like you just want to win the argument here even though hittrj01 and solipsismX already tried to show you the why iOS browser is better than android's (scrolling, pinch to zoom which is smooth from the beginning)
i agree with you. exactly same thing i wrote just yesterday for the same thing that apple HDTV can bring game console and subscriptions and app store on it and there will be no need for the other set-top boxes for most of the people…
good idea but i think they will come up with these kind of things once they launch their own maps service on Mac, iPhone and iPad… i wish they launch siri for all apple devices (macs, iPad 2 and iPhone 4)
i know those are old devices but all i simply meant is that apple can replace all the extra boxes which we people are having today to connect with their tvs and all those wires and boxes looks horrible… true but if they plan for this i'm sure they won't be making the upgrades the same as iPhone/iPad which you can update every year… i think apple tvs will be like upgrading 5 years once… i'm just using iTV for now cos we don't have a name how to call apple tv…
i meant with the game console which includes ps3, wii and xbox… do you seriously upgrades the CPU in your tv? or do you really upgrades the game consoles that often? i think normally to upgrade game console need 3-5 years… that maybe true but timing will be perfect to launch together with iTV if they launch… that is a good idea
i think if apple makes iTVs, there will be:1. APP store: games are first, it will replace ps2/32. Subscription: this will replace TV boxes of course… i don't think apple will just launch a dumb TV…
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