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Obviously I'm not entailed to a complete fix. I'm entailed to A free shell. Thats all I want. Don't tell me that you're unequipped with the proper tools and therefore I'm stuck. Go send it off to A plant where they can fix it. Ps. I'm a dieheart apple fan. Have been and will be regardless. Ironically I've been posting from my iPhone 4
I expect them to do it because thy said they would. They just didn't, because they didn't have the right tools. They said if they'd do it they'd make it worse. They didn't even offer to send it in. They know they have a flaw. And they honor that. All I know is that apple always treats their customers to the highest level. Just a year ago, they gave me a 100$ give certificate because my 10 year old iMac wasn't working fast and the battery didn't work. They gave m dad a free...
I'm mainly in Dallas.
I have a 15 inch MacBook pro. It recently was dropped. The result was a broken screen and a mangled metal shell. (all the internals work). We replaced the screen but the case looks pretty bad. The chords are visible and slowly it has turned more into a desktop because movement pulls out the wires. Priors to this though, as on many other macs, the screen as it closes ,snaps shut with the magnets and creates cracks along the bottom. These cracks are very visible and I know...
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