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Not exactly true. One thing that Microsoft were always good at (eg XP and earlier) was a responsive UI. The processor may not have been fast, but the UI always was, and it was always very difficult explaining to people that a Mac running System 8/9 was actually faster, when the UI did drag. And badly. So for instance, you could press on an icon and the Windows machine would be much quicker, however, when it came to rendering something in Photoshop, the Mac would blow the...
Well said. +1.
And they can track my whereabouts to about 10 feet each evening, seeing as my name is in public records at the local town hall! And that doesn't take any fancy technology either!!
You just proved my point. If it was something as simple as that, and if it was consensual, you'd think he'd want his day in court to clear his name. I know I certainly would. But instead he hides behind the legal system of my country, doing everything in his power to evade the Swedish authorities.
He's not though. The Guardian newspaper in the UK has a habit of fawning over these types of idiots, and to start with they gushed over Assange every day. However, their relationship with Assange has long since broken down and badly broken down - and you have to wonder why - that's if you can't be bothered to read all the stories that the Guardian published about their fall out. When the Guardian isn't on your side, you know something is wrong with this "hero". === As for...
The fact that he got his ass to the UK pretty quick when this unfolded because he knows our system will take eons before it finally extradites him, would suggest he probably is pretty guilty. An innocent and honourable man would have faced his accusers in court. I doubt Assange is either.
Knock Knock Who's there? Man in suit: Apple's lawyers; here's your summons for defamation.
As someone else said - this recession is really hurting iPad sales.... I genuinely do think iPads are stopping people buying new pcs, it certainly stopped us buying a new laptop for instance, and even as my wife said a few days ago, the iPad has given her laptop at least another 2 years before it gets retired. Ironically, the replacement for her laptop will be a Mac.
I think you are being a little cheap Best thing I ever did was put 4G in my white MacBook, and the second best was putting this MBP to 6G. At the end of the day, it costs peanuts to do. And apparently it'll cost less peanuts in the future. And more ran does help a great deal! Trust me! A 4G chip is maybe $30?
I suppose that building just built itself....
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