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People who live in Windows shouldn't throw stones (jragosta is correct).
What's a Zune?
Most models BMW have not included spare for years. Many more cars are now like that.Having no spare may be a problem should you strike a kerb with your tyre.
Quadruple - clicking has already been implemented, it was an Apple program but I forgot which. Or it may be Word. But quadruple-clicking selected a whole paragraph: Double-click: selects a word Triple-click: sentence Quad-click: paragraph
If the interface is serial do you not need a USB to serial port adapter? I use the Keyspan USA-19HS with Mac OS X and Zoc6 work fine together.
I use something called Zoc6 by Markus Schmidt: www.emtec.com. It is very capable and support is very good. The program is more than needed - very robust! I do not know about GoSerial. I tried many terminal emulators before finding Zoc. Most of these others are so-so.
As is usual: go on strike!
What about windows defender updates? Mine Windows computers needs update every day.
I think is less than 10 GB but that is for computers. Windows 7 is double or more.
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