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How did Claire set her spotlight so typing in 'facebook' or some term she wants to search for automatically jumps to Safari and goes to the respective site? 
Now that my 2011 MBP is officially out of warranty, I'm thinking of swapping my optical drive out for a hard drive. I've done this before but there were always problems. My question is, is there an easy way for solely installing windows on a HD and OSX on my main SSD, then dual booting?    When I first attempted this, I found out that I could not install windows on a hard drive when it was placed in the optical drive slot (upper left), only when I swapped the hard drive...
Some people may not agree with me here, so please remember that this is only my personal opinion. I currently own an iPad 3rd Gen, along with my MBP and iPhone. But to be honest, I'm starting to think that the iPad really is just a big screen iPod, and is becoming more and more inefficient. It still is a major part of my working routine, where I mainly use the iPad for Skype (while typing and working on the mac) and browsing the internet on my bed before I sleep. But what...
Probably the worst unboxing video ever. Makes me so angry with all the blurring and zooming in. The most useless take was focusing on the iPhone still in the box from the side. As if that wasn't bad enough, the next shot of the phone is straight into the red velvet case. Showing what? Showing "screw this, people are never going to know that my iPhone is gold". WHAT THE F-CK ARE YOU TRYING TO SHOW?!
 I hope so. The grey in this just seems a lot darker than the hands on pictures shown for the space grey 5s. I don't want another slightly blue/slightly purple like the old slate iPhone. If it's grey, I'd like it to be Aluminum grey.
actually works = actually useful. You look just as retarded waving at a phone as using an iPad to take photos of yourself in the mirror. 
You're absolutely killing me. I'm not disagreeing that Samsung may have invented Air Gesture. I'm trying to imagine you holding away your phone and waving your hand at the screen when your fingers are much more precise. 
 You're biting the bait. Seeing that he recently registered, let him talk and have him move on. Btw, can I say how impressed and in love I am with the new "grey" 5S? Its.... I'm... speechless.
I've been looking everywhere for this news when the 5S was announced, but not one news site reported on any change to the "black" color!Finally, I get confirmation that the color is changed. Love it, and definitely brings me back to the old iPhone days. 
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