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Simply go to paulthetall.com and then game ports --> strategy --> red alert
I am a gamer and love to see more and more Mac games get released. What we do lack are the older games which arent available much for the Mac. And even if they were released, they are PPC only so won't be playable on the latest OSX 10.7.5/10.8.2.   However there is some light in the darkness. It seems that GOG.com (Good old games) is releasing more and more games for the Mac :)   Even when making a free account there you get 10 games added on your account from...
Yeah, I have been very busy lately so, here an update of the list of Windows games I ported to the Mac. Enjoy!: For everyone there is something interesting Here is the Game list: http://www.paulthetall.com/page39/page39.html Sports: Sports game: Bowling 2006 Sports game: Bowling Evolution (Full game download) Sports game: Chess Mafia (Full game download) Sports game: Icehockey Club Manager 2005 Sports game: FIFA 07 + 08 Sports game: FIFA 2011 Sports game: Handball...
Well think this is worth a seperate thread Game works nice! However you need a good videocard! ATI 512mb or higher recommended! Go straight to the game section of assassin Creed Brotherhood here: http://www.paulthetall.com/page39/page205/page205.html For the whole gamelist go here: http://www.paulthetall.com/page39/page39.html
Yep, i ported Homefront for you guys!!
Red alert 3 Rising Tales of Pirates
Trainz simulation 2009 Call of duty 5 - World at War added
Unreal Sinking Island Imperium Romanum Added
Hitman: Blood Money added
added: Egypt 2 Runaway 3, twist of fate Kart Racer
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