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Added Far cry 2
Added Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising
Well probably many of you knew there is DOSbox for getting DOS games work on the Mac. Now there is Boxer that makes it even more easy! just double click a exe file/or boxer file and the game runs! I mad a how to for you guys how this works up here: http://www.paulthetall.com/page63/page63.html Go back in time and play all your golden oldies again like: Civilization Flashback Another world Canon Fodder Monkey Island 1 + 2 Kings Quest series Theme...
Yes its legal
Found out that scrollspeed is so fast because of the resolution. You have to change that in the same inifile, but then change the resolution to your native resolution. And because everyone has a different resolution (well there are a few possible) you have to do that little effort yourself. Have fun!
Everyone knows C&C Red Alert and that it has been made freely available for Windows. Now i ported this great game for you to the Mac. So now play this game with just a dubbleclick! No cd's required! http://www.paulthetall.com/page39/page49/page49.html @moderator I made a seperate post of this one because in my opinion this one mayor news! And it is not a video instruction but a download. So i hope it is ok with you guys that i made a separate post for this one to reach...
Free RED ALERT!!!!! I am proud to announce you Red Alert! No CD's required! run it just by dubbleclicking the game. Download this great game on my website!
Added next games: Free Game Tiberian Sun Free Golden Solitaire Free Real Poker
Free mini golf Free Quad racer
Added PES 2011
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