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added: Free game Pirate battles Free game Motoracer
Added: Free game S.W.I.N.E Free game Pharaoh
Added: Free game SuddenStrike 2 Free game Offroad Racers
Ported prince of Persia Forgotten Sands to the Mac! Merry Christmas!
Well i got some games on my wishlist like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Navyfield, but yeah, many games work in the end :P Some of them take quite some work to figure out where the problems are and fix it. So not all games what i want to port works. And yeah i agree about those adventures, most of them works out of the box, no problems at all. Mostly all new ones too And cool thing is about those old games, which wont run on windows anymore just works on the Mac :P And yeah i...
Velvet Assassin ported
Nikopol added
added helldorado
Stronghold + Crusader Extreme
Desperados 2 added
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