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Ah ok, thanks
In this thread i will post step by step videos about installing PC games on your Mac using Wineskin. Enjoy these awesome PC games on the Mac! Hope you guys will love it. Hope to update this thread daily. Tutorial list: http://www.paulthetall.com/page8/page39/page39.html Fifa 2011 Trackmania Nations Fallout 3 Need for speed Underground Dune 2000 Caesar III Settlers V Company of Heroes Brother in Arms Medieval 2 Total War Metal Gear Solid Battlefield Vietnam...
Added step by step video Guide of Metal Gear Solid
Added Medieval 2 Total War Step by step manual!
Your free in all you do.
Always love to help!
Where have you bin lately In those 2 years Wine developed drasticly, many games and programs work now. If i tell you that FIFA 11 and Civilization V works very good (those ar e games just released) and many more. More and more people are crossoing to the Mac and want to play there games without putting bootcamp on the Mac (which is in my opinion an insult for the Mac). I think there are many people agreeing that Gaming is a big issue on the mac, and Wine helps to improve...
Hi guys, Many people are using virtual machines or bootcamp to run there games on the Mac. Virtual machines cost money and a windows license. Well there is a solution for many games and thats wine Read everything about it on www.winhq.org. Nice thing about it, is that it is open source and freee! But the source itself is quite technical, so there some solutions like Crossover or Wineskin. Wineskin is free And makes it possible to install your favourite games to the...
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