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It might have something to do with the cost of borrowing is less then interest paid.
I agree that this is not earth shattering but I believe that this is true progress towards more mobile adoption of major cable providers. So if I understand this correctly, I could have 1 paid for cable box, plus stream to additional iPads. So I could essentially stop paying for additional boxes. Sounds good to me!
Apple can add another reseller to its list...Macys. Macys is stocking WiFi iPads in their "E Spot" vending machines. BTW....associates of Macys get discounts on products in the machine.
[QUOTE=neiltc13;1876292]Cupertino, start your photocopiers! They may be similar...but look at how much more elegant and professional Apple's version's are. Apple never claims to be always first...just the best.
Would be pretty cool if you buy a Mac and get a decent discount on an iPad.
Disappointed in seeing Cisco abandon the Flip. The video quality is amazing. They just needed to get with the social aspect of the device in order to make it more appealing. Not everone owns or needs a smart phone. Flip is an awesome video recorder...thats all it needed to be.
I think the icons are pretty slick looking. Apple should open up the ability to change and customize the icons.
Just as an FYI....Chula Vista is about 10 miles from the SD/Mexico border. Most of the city is pretty sketchy.
These analysts are stuck thinking about hardware. Almost all of the competitors will be running on very similar hardware...but it is Apple's software that differentiates itself from the rest.
....I believe it was a joke....read the whole post.
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